Sunday, January 3, 2010

IUI #2 & 2010 Resolutions

Well 2010 has arrived and its back to reality for me. These last two weeks have been such an amazing break from so many things in my overly busy life, and most importantly infertility...which is funny since I had my second IUI the Tuesday after xmas!

The IUI itself went great, it was so nice not to rush back into work. Hubby's numbers were amazing as usual, 97 million count, 93% motile, and direction of 4 (the last two times they've given me this number and say 4 is the best you can have, I'm not sure if direction is even what they call it). Oh, and as for my supersized follie I was ranting about in my post last week, the nurse that did my IUI said it was probably too big. And turns out my dr's office doesn't do monitoring appts over the weekend, which explains why they had me come in when they did. Basically the timing sucked cause of the holidays and my fate would be sealed with one 23mm follie. I guess that's one less thing I'll be wondering about, no multiples for me this cycle!

But like any time away from work, the days flew past and here I am today at 5dpo! Tuesday I go in for my progesterone test and I'm already at the 1 week countdown, which will most likely torture me until I get my period, or maybe...just maybe a positive pregnancy test? Would that not be the best way to start this year?

So I can honestly say I was NOT sad to see '09 go. Wasn't the greatest year for me, let me see...miscarriage, economy sucked which greatly impacted my retail business, because of trying to have a baby we didn't get a chance to travel anywhere exciting, we had a ton of weddings of which hubby and I were in 4 of...this actually was a ton of fun, but it also prevented months of adding to the savings account, not getting pregnant the rest of the year...hmmm, do we think not getting pregnant is a sore spot for me. In any case with any new year we get a clean slate, and I think letting go of the fact that I wouldn't be getting pregnant in 2009 is a great thing for me. As the year kept creeping by I just kept thinking I only have X more months to get pregnant. Why I gave myself this deadline, I really don't know (and probably completely jinxed myself in doing so).

But since this blog is a journal of sorts, and I'm a total OCD list maker (did you know your body actually releases endorphins when you cross items off a joke) I'm writing down my resolutions here. And 10 points to anyone who can guess resolution #1....hah:
  • Get Pregnant (and let's try a little positive attitude while doing so, request of hubbys) - This is going to be our year, I just know it. I mean how can it not be, it's like my deadline just got extended by 12 months...okay, okay and no more deadlines. Hmm, maybe I need to make that a resolution. But really, I truly in my heart feel this will be our year, and maybe it won't be right away...but I have to believe the worst is behind me. And I have to try to shake this chip off my shoulder, and not be bitter when I see 5 different people post status updates of FB about how amazing it is to feel their babies move in their pregnant tummys, or not feel like I just got slapped in the face when my mom casually mentions it seems like people keep asking her when hubby and I will have kids. I just have to try as hard as possible to remind myself it will be us soon enough!
  • Build our New House (or at least break ground this year) - When we moved to the suburbs we had always planned to buy a tear down, meaning finding something we could survive in for a few years, save up some money, until we could tear it down and build our dream house! And while many people would say my house is far from a tear is very tight on space. There are only 2 bedrooms upstairs, and one is ours and the other is my home office which is needed for my business. Our timeline was always to survive for 4 or 5 years, but my mom's builder crunched some numbers and believes we could save a lot of money by building sooner rather than later. I'm sure to a lot of people building a house sounds completely overwhelming, but this is honestly my dream come true. I'm completely obsessed with all things house related, and can watch HGTV for hours on end. And I already have a "dream house" file where I keep magazine pictures, house plans I like, etc. For all of these reasons I'm really hoping we can get this one done.
  • Basic Boutique's Best Year Ever - I have hugely high hopes for my business this year. This past years economy was pretty painful for most retailers, and mine was no exception. However, the one thing it did was force us to reduce our expenses. It really was an eye opening experience and taught me a ton about cutting costs. I only can hope if we can continue to run like this, and the economy improves even a little we may be in good shape to survive this historic recession.
  • Baby B. Jewelry (business #2) Up and Running - My girlfriend and I recently started making jewelry for fun. We went to the trade show, got some supplies and walla we were making our own jewelry. We sent around some pics to friends and family for holiday gift ideas and to our shock we actually got a bunch of orders! Our goal is to make this an official business this year, and get the website up in January. And if you were wondering, yes the Baby is because my friend and I are both trying to get pregnant, and the B is for our pups! If anyone asks we of course leave out the baby part, but hopefully that is something we can say we'll both have soon!
  • Hubby's Promotion - Really this is more for him than me, but it would be huge for us! Hubby found out at the end of the year there would be an opening for the position above him. Now hubby works at a major bank, and due to tons of layoffs he's been doing the work of about 3 people including the person above him who was let go. He SO deserves this promotion, but he would be one of the youngest people in his region to be at this level. And because of corporate politic bs they're making him post (interview) for the position rather than just giving it to him, which means other people can post for the position. I know he will rock the interview, and they would be crazy not to give it to him since he's truly the hardest working person I know. Love ya baby!

So those are the main ones, and I must say they are pretty major. And although nothing is certain, and things are constantly changing...I'm pretty positive that big things are coming our way in 2010.

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Al said...

Great goals for 2010!

I hope you get to cross every single one off your list..esp #1 :-).

Hope IUI #2 is it for you!