Monday, January 4, 2010

My Secret Weapon

So if I do get pregnant this cycle I'm giving all the credit to my secret weapon, which I'm now going to share with you...are you ready for it, get ready...this may be life changing...BRAZIL NUTS!!! Okay, so you may be thinking i'm completely crazy...or wondering what the f brazil nuts are and why they have anything to do with TTC. I've been in your shoes, and I was skeptical too. Probably because I'm not a huge fan of nuts to begin with, and these our not your average little peanuts. Imagine nuts the size of your toes, with this awful dry nutty taste, and the real kicker...a few brazil nuts have like 30 grams of fat!!!

BUT, the cycle I got pregnant last spring it was the first month I forced these bad boys down my throat. Apparantly, they're supposed to be high in selenium and help with implantation. Honestly, I don't know if there is any truth to this...and most likely I'm just adding crazy amounts of fat to my diet for absolutely no reason. But in attempts to remain positive I'm pulling out the bigs guns and telling myself my little weapon will work its magic once again.

Only time will tell, and today I'm only 6dpo. So tomorrow marks 1 week to go, however I usually get my period at 11dpo so if I make it past Saturday with no AF I'm already a step in the right direction. I'm still debating if I'll test early, I really really like the idea of not testing if I can and hold out for that blood test. In the meantime I will continue to over analyze every symptom-like feeling my body throws my way! And pray there is some serious implantation going on in my uterus right now, that is assuming the fertilized egg didn't explode when my yorkie Beau literally jumped on my right ovary last night in bed. And wouldn't you know both my follies were on the right side. Dr. hubby assures me I am A-okay...I seriously have problems, hah!


Shanny said...

I've heard/read that brazil nuts have worked for some women and their lining. I hope it does the same for you, one more week to find out huh? Ugh, how exciting and frustrating at the same time. I hope it ends positively for you by 11dpo, I'm an early tester. I have no self-control, so good for you if you can hold out. For now though I'll send you some :::implantation dust:::

Jane said...

Brazil nuts, eh? Maybe you're on to something here! Can't wait to find out how it turns out for you this cycle! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...thanks for the tip!

AplusB said...

Too bad I'm allergic to nuts, otherwise I'd be wolfing them down :) I also heard pineapple is good for implantation, so I have been enjoying that for the past 10 days.