Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Game Over

My period arrived, and I really can't complain because it did exactly what I asked and showed right when I woke up this am, so at least I didn't waste my time going in for the beta. I'm honestly relieved the cycle is over, the last few days have been just torturous...especially after the negative test. I knew deep down this wasn't our month. I was ready to look forward, as this was by far my hardest cycle to date. I do have to say I'm loving the blogging and it totally helps the month go by...writing, reading, commenting, etc. So thanks for all the good thoughts and words of wisdom...SO appreciate them!

And since I got out most of my tears this weekend, I'm forcing myself into a positive place (well more like forcefully shoving)...but that's where I'm headed whether I like it not. And I have a few goals of how I'm going to stay positive this month, totally stealing this idea...but I loved her post so here goes:

  1. Book a vacay - Hubby and I decided if this cycle was a bust first thing we would do was get out of town. We need a break, not from cycling (would obviously plan around my iui) but just from life in general. Today I plan to spend my day seaching for last minute and cheap vacay packages. I'm thinking along the lines of Cabo or Mexican Riveria, basically anything sounds good right now compared to insanely cold Chicago!
  2. Start yoga - I've done Yoga in the past and love it...and hate it. I am the MOST unflexible person in the world, i'm talking can barely touch my toes. So I'm preparing myself for it to be super painful at first, but I signed up for a super cheap class at the park district that starts tonight. Which is perfect cause hubby is at grad school on Tuesdays!
  3. Lose the tampons - After reading Jane's post and researching a little more I decided I'm going to give this a try as well. I really only have 1 heavy day, and on clomid my period trickles out by CD5 so shouldn't be too unbearable.
  4. Cycle timing - Now that I know my Dr.'s office doesn't monitor on the weekends, I'm going to demand to go in on Friday which will be CD11. It's a day earlier, but no way am I waiting until Monday to find out any of my follies are overripe, oh no...not this time! I'm going to trigger those dang follies when they're perfectly ripe!
  5. Clomid Dosage - Assuming this will be last month on clomid (dr. had originally said 3-4 months of clomid & iui's before moving onto injectibles...and my thoughts are three strikes and your out, if this month doesn't work I'm going to insist we take it to the next level) I'm wondering if I should ask my nurse to up my clomid dosage. Yes, technically I am responding to the 50mg...and did pop out 2 follies both times. BUT, I'm still not preggers...so in my opinion the 50mg is majorly slacking off here. I have a feeling they're not going to see it this way, considering they're the medical experts here and probably know best...but I figure its worth a shot. Why not go out with a bang!

So this is my plan. Now let's just hope I get the greenlight to cycle this month after my baseline tomorrow!


A said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry about CD1!! I think your goals are great though- I'm going to start trying a yoga routine today, too! If we're relaxed, we'll conceive, right? Hahahaha ;-)

Anonymous said...

Such a bummer, I'm really sorry. I'm sitting out a cycle with a cyst (stupid Clomid) and wondering the same thing abt injects...since Clomid messes up my lining and forces me on the sidelines every other month, is it really the best treatment for me? Btw, I was on 100mg Clomid last month and had too good follies, but IF I had been allowed to cycle this month they were taking me back down to 50mg. I think in my case it was to try to counteract the lining problems...and since I'd be triggering, they figured 50 was enough to get me to ovulate. (I had weak ovulation on my first unmonitored cycle.)

Mexico sounds AWESOME!!!

Jane said...

Oooooh! Cabo! Sounds perfect! So sorry to hear about CD1... it sounds like you're keeping positive, though! I love your yoga idea, I've been wondering about that myself: relaxation and exercise at the same time? Bonus!

Good luck with IUI#3! Hopefully third times a charm (for both of us!).

Al said...

I'm so sorry for the BFN. UGH.

I love the idea of taking off for Cabo, sounds perfect! I hope everything works out and you guys get the refreshing vacay you need. I have really wanted to start up taking yoga classes, I hope you tell us how they go! I haven't found any classes cheap enough for me to go to, but I haven't did much research either.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry AF arrived and this wasn't THE cycle. =( Damn her!

That's awesome you're planning a vacation, that will be so fun and much needed I'm sure. Have fun at yoga tonight!

AplusB said...

I'm sorry, that stinks. I need to read up on the tampon thing. I haven't bought pads in years! Interesting...
Hope you find a fabulous vacation to treat yourselves to!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about AF arriving! I hopeyou have a wonderful relaxing vacation!