Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary...

To me and hubby!!! Tomorrow August 13th will be our 5 year anniversary! I wanted to post today because Friday's are my busy day at work and I desperately need to get a mani/pedi during lunch tomorrow. Anyways, I've literally been counting down to this weekend for the last 4 weeks. Not only is tomorrow our anniversary, but Saturday is one of my girlfriend's weddings, and Monday is our 20 week ultrasound! On top of that its a long weekend because hubby and I took Monday off for the big ultrasound.

And to top it all of, last night after we did our every other nightly dopple...I was rubbing some lotion on my tummy and felt a little bump. I instantly made hubby put his hand there with mine on top and a couple minutes later our hands both bumped, and I felt like a little pop in my tummy. Of course I went through all the other things it could have been, gas bubble, weird digestion...but this was so distinct, we thought it just had to be Skooter? I guess only time will tell but it was amazing all the same, and hubby's face was just priceless. He's always telling me I'm so lucky I get to feel Skooter, but hopefully soon he will be feeling him too on a regular basis!

What's even crazier about being married 5 years, is the fact that I've known hubby for over 9! We met at the end of sophomore year in college. I was blind drunk and bummed because the guy I currently had a crush on totally ignored me at the bar, so we moved on to the next bar and my memory is pretty foggy after that. The back story is that our sorority house did a calendar called the men of UofI and we got guys from various frats to apply. Some of hubby's friends entered his name without him knowing and he ended up being a finalist.

The girls in the sorority got to vote the final 12 guys in, and I clearly remember my friend telling me to vote for this guy from the aca.cia frat cause he's super nice and cute. I didn't really know anyone in that frat and had never even met this guy, and I'm pretty sure I did not vote for him. Well, he made it in without my vote and flash forward to the night at the bar...I randomly bump into this guy, walk up to him and say "Hey calendar boy." For some reason I remember that part, and then I gave him this weird kiss on the cheek, but I sorta mis-kissed and hit him on the lips. Luckily he was just as bombed and went with it (despite having a girlfriend at the time), we somehow ended up back in my room and made out, until I passed out!

Turns out hubby and I had a class together, and as fate would have it we had the awkward sober bump in after class a couple days later. He had also left his jacket in my room, so he had his in to see me again. A couple more drunken nights of bumping into each other at the bar, and that was that. He broke up with his girlfriend (and hubby really isn't a scumbag cheater, he'd been looking for a way to break up with this girl for awhile but being a immature college frat guy hadn't found a good enough reason, at least until I came along, hah) and we've been together ever since!

I can honestly say this last year has by far been the toughest. Every marriage has its ups and downs, but dealing with IF over the last year was devastating. Hubby was my rock though, and I would not have gotten through everything if it weren't for him. And it is thrilling to think about the fact this last year of struggling and tears is now being followed by what could be the best year so far. Every single day I think how lucky I was to be so drunk that night and meet my gorgeous calendar boy! Love you hubby!

Monday, August 9, 2010

19 Weeks!!! *Updated with belly pic

How Far Along: 19 weeks (although pic above is from 18)!!

Maternity Clothes: Still just working with the bella bands and blousy tops from H&M & Forever 21! I did go into two maternity stores this weekend in search of a maternity wedding dress, which was a total bust!! Each store had like 4 things which weren't cute, and even if they had been they looked HUGE! Also maternity clothes are expensive...I mean there was definitely cute tops/sweaters and stuff, but if I can make my own stuff work why not save the moola for baby stuff!

Stretch Marks: Nope, but my skin feels so tight! I seriously don't see how this bump can get any bigger without my skin just ripping apart. I guess I find out how soon enough!

Sleep: Still going to be super early, and waking up about once a night to pee. I am getting a little uncomfortable as I hit the point in my pregnancy where you're supposed to try not to sleep on your back, very hard for a back sleeper. I am constantly waking up finding myself on my back, which I know my book said not to panic if you do...but there is literally no keeping me on my side.

Best Moment of the Week: Definitely yesterday when I felt Skooter moving like crazy!! He really loves A&W root beer, and it totally gets him moving.

Movement: YES!!! And until a week ago I wasn't so confident, but starting at about 18 weeks I definitely was feeling little flutters inside. Its just when you have nothing else to compare to its so easy to just write it off as normal stomach feelings. But now that I'm starting to feel it daily I'm fairly confident what I'm feeling is little Skooter. Today on the train ride in I even thought I felt a little kick or was definitely stronger than a flutter!! It is amazing and weird all at the same time, and I just can't wait until hubby can feel it too!

Food cravings: A&W root beer! I've always loved my pop but stopped drinking before IVF because I always drank Coke Zero so wanted to give up caffeine and sweeteners. But a couple weeks ago I was at my parents house and they had these mini cans of A&W, full calorie so no sweeteners AND no caffeine...I had one and thought I had literally died and gone to heaven. So hubby bought me some and I get to have one every once in a while as a little treat...SO good!!

Gender: Okay, for about 2 weeks after my 16 week appt I really was thinking boy. But now I think I'm back to girl. I can't believe I could actually know if I wanted to in 1 week at our 20 week ultrasound, but we've made it this far what's another 20 weeks of wondering, hah!!

What I Miss: Nothing, I'm loving every second of being pregnant!! And I miss seeing little Skooter, our 20 week u/s is next Monday and I'm literally counting down the seconds!

What I'm Looking Forward To: 20 week u/s!

Weekly Wisdom: One day you will wake up and your bump just totally pops! It happened right around 18 weeks for me. I almost felt weird walking into work that day, like where the hell did that come from, hah!

Milestones: Almost halfway there!!

Emotions: I seriously can't believe I'm 19 weeks, and this pregnancy is halfway over. Time is definitely starting to move faster, and its starting to hit me as people starting asking about shower dates, and registering, and all that fun stuff!!