Friday, July 23, 2010

Catching Up w/ Pics

Happy Friday everyone. Omigosh, I'm soooo happy this week is finally over. It's been long, brutal and busy!! We've had stuff going on almost every night after work, so i'm also super exhausted and ready for a 4 day weekend!! Whoohoo! Hubby's 30th bday is on Tuesday (he's taking the whole week off, lucky duck), so I'm taking Monday/Tuesday so we can hang, hit the pool, and all that good stuff!! We already had the big blowout party, so hubby has made me promise to keep all actual bday activies/gifts to a minimum.

And Saturday I plan to catch up on everyone's blogs because I'll be flying solo all day! Hubby has his annual Leisure Decathlon. And no, this isn't an official race/event or anything. Its a made up Olympics of sort, that hubby and his friends created a few years ago. Ten events consisting of "leisure" activities, including bags, bocce, bowling, lawn darts, beer chugging, croket (sp), pool, etc. Yes, there is heavy drinking involved here, that's sorta the point, and yes it takes all day long, and yes I worry all day long that someone is going to kill themselves (I mean lawn darts isn't suppose to be safe sober, let alone bombed). There is a trophy involved and hubby came in 2nd last year so maybe with his 30th on the horizon he could get the win!! I actually think the whole thing is pretty hilarious and would LOVE to watch, but no wives are allowed...that is a strict rule, hah!

Anyways, I have one million blogs to read/catch up on so this is a quick post to say I'm still here. And here are a few pics from all our fun events lately. Have a great weekend everyone!
Happy 30th Hubby!!!
I look majorly preggo here, I think its mostly the dress (yikes)!

Wedding this last weekend, the bump is pretty hidden with the dress. Although I did feel like a sausage stuffed into it since its not maternity and needed to be.
Loved their cake.

Yah, I really loved the cake...especially since I was dead sober and could fully enjoy every bite!

Friday, July 16, 2010

16 Week Appt & One Problem to Another

So I just got back from my 16 week appointment (a few days early). As you guys know I was determined to see I called earlier this week and said I was still concerned about the bleed I had in my uterus (which I really wasn't but if you have a bleed might as well take advantage), and would really like an u/s to check on it. The nurse said just mention it to the dr. at my appt and she would probably have no issues squeezing me in!

And of course I was nervous about this all morning, I'm such a chicken when it comes to drs...but to my amazement she said no problem. So hubby and I scooted over to the ultrasound room to get our peek at Skooter. Well, first off it was a pretty disappointing u/s because the tech was mostly looking for the bleed (which was totally gone, YAY). She did measure the head, length and heartbeat and everything was measuring perfectly. I even asked if we could get a better look, and she said the baby is super low and my placenta was getting in the way.

Then she stopped and was like I'm going to have you undress and do a vaginal u/s, I think your placenta may be over your cervix. She walks out the door and I start freaking, what the hell does that even mean, and thank god we got this u/s today. So she's back and sure enough my placenta is totally covering my cervix, and baby's head is right on top. She then told me she was going to go tell the dr. and I would probably have to meet with her again, she brought up to this tiny little room that looked like a place where people go to get bad news. I'm talking a small circle table, a box of tissues, and a red button that says push for help (which the dr. did confirm is in every room, yes I asked).

So turns out the placenta grows where it grows, its can move with your uterus as it expands...but it won't just pick up and move to the other side of your uterus. She said most of the time it will move out of the way, but if it doesn't you have what is called placenta previa and you can't deliver vaginally because your cervix is blocked. Apparently if it doesn't move that means c-section 3 weeks early because they don't even want to risk you going into labor. She said no sex until our 20 week u/s, and specifically no orgasms for me (BOO). So now we just wait.

I of course got back to work and googled the shit out of placenta previa and yes it sounds super scary if you have to deal with it, but it does seem like its super early to be concerned and more often than not the placenta will move out of the way. The dr. told me not to stress, but she's crazy if she thinks this won't be the only thing on my mind for the next month. At least I can stop worrying on the bleed and focus on one issue at a time. Man, if it's not one thing it's a frickin other.

*Side note, u/s tech kept referring to baby as he. Maybe she calls all babies he...but I found that weird. She even asked if we were finding out, and I said no so don't say anything if you see anything, and then she was all he/she. Also the heartbeat was only 143 this time now my total girl confidence is a little bit shaken...which I'm kinda excited about because let's face it, if it's going to be a surprise I'd like to at least wonder a bit!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello Friday!

So right now I'm sitting in my awful new cube where anyone who walks by can see what I'm doing, but its Friday so I just don't care if people see my blogging. I'm also currently litsening to my boss (who is now in the office over my shoulder) eat the biggest bag of chips or celery or something that requires a super annoying crunch with every single bite. Ahhhh, make it stop please...its like nails on a chalkboard!

Anyways, I'm super pumped for the weekend! Tomorrow I'm throwing hubbys 30th bday party and our favorite surburban hang out place, Pin.stripes. They have baci ball courts which is just so much fun. Tonight I need to make some photoboards of hubby with all his cutsy baby pics, I also need to make brackets boards for the baci ball tournament (yes I like to keep this things official), get prizes for the winners, and order hubby's cake from costco! Tomorrow hubby and I are going to pool it up in the morning, in my new sexy maternity tankini of course, and then I'm heading downtown to get my hair done! Lots of fun stuff!!

Speaking of bdays, my 30th is in October. And seeing as I'll be about 7 months pregnant, hubby and I decided to do the big blowout for his and maybe do just go on a nice relaxing vacay for mine. We want to stay in the states, and go for like 4 or 5 days. Maybe Scottsdale, or something in Arizona, we went there for a wedding last October and it was the perfect time weather wise. Or we could do east coast, like a cute b&b somewhere. If anyone has any suggestions of cool places they've been, would love to hear them!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

14 Weeks w/ Belly Shots

How Far Along: 14 weeks (and 1 day)

Maternity Clothes: I purchased my first maternity item this weekend...a bathing suit! And let me tell you it is sexy, hah! Its really just a tankini, but my itty bitty bikini was cutting off circulation in my boobs, and after I ate lunch at the pool the whole beer belly gut wasn't looking too hot. Plus hubby was worried about Skooter getting too warm in the sun. I tried on a couple other things but couldn't pull the plug.

Stretch Marks: Nope.

Sleep: Still super tired at night, but pretty good during the day. And I know my books tell me the whole peeing thing will go away around 12 weeks but I'm still getting up nightly to pee.

Best Moment of the Week: Hmm, I guess the holiday weekend in general was pretty good. We kept saying things like Scooter's first 4th, and Scooter's first swim...since it was actually hot enough for me to get in the pool this weekend! And as we watched the fireworks hubby put his hand on my belly, and it felt like all three of us were watching! I can't wait for him (and me) to start feeling movement down there! Oh, and I think we finalized our names when we were laying at the pool this weekend. I still totally reserve the right to change my mind, but as of today I love our two names! Still debating if I'll share early or not.

Movement: Hopefully getting close to some movement action, my book says at the end of month 4 so we'll see. Probably still a few weeks away.

Food cravings: Still lots of fruit, I made pretzel jello salad for the 4th and that has definitely been hitting the spot. Oh, and spaghetti is definitely up there!

Gender: Hubby and I are both thinking girl now. Although I refer to Skooter as a he always!
What I Miss: So I'm getting use to the lack of ultrasounds now, only because I have my trustly doppler on my nightstand. I guess if I had to admit one thing it would be iced coffees from star.bucks. On the weekends hubby and I walk to our little downtown for star.bucks, and my iced tea lemonade (no caffeine if you get passion tea) is just not the same. I suppose I could get decaf, but isn't there still caffeine in that?

What I'm Looking Forward To: My next OB appt which is a week from Friday, hubby and I are hoping we can sneak in an u/s somehow. Still trying to figure out how exactly, but I'm determined to see Skooter!

Weekly Wisdom: Be careful when holding other people's drinks! This weekend at the parade hubby gave me his cup of beer to hold while he unfolded chairs, well I took a swig of his beer instead of my lemonade...and I of course know one sip of beer would be absolutely fine. But instead I freaked and spit it out on the street in front of tons of people, hah! It just tasted so wrong in my mouth I couldn't even swallow!

Milestones: Told my boss today! So I'm officially out of the closet now!

Emotions: I guess the same as usual, so unbelievably excited...but the nerves are still there. I'm getting better at pushing them to the back of my head though. And openly talking baby stuff with people who have heard the news, even allowing myself to daydream about baby stuff and nursery ideas. But even today before telling my boss I had to call hubby and make sure I wasn't jinxing everything by telling. And I just can't believe I'm 14 weeks!
12 weeks

14 weeks

(please excuse the shiny face and air dried fro)