Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skooter Watch (or Lack Thereof)

Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let you all know that I'm still here, still preggers...due date is Monday and I have a very strong feeling we're going to blow past 1/3/11! It's so funny because I was so worried about going into labor right before my girlfriend's wedding the weekend before xmas. And then I was so worried about going into labor on xmas. Not that either of these would be terrible scenarios, and don't get me wrong I'm dying to meet Skooter. But in a perfect world I just wanted to hold out until closer til my due date.

Well careful what you wish for, because dr. appt on Tuesday showed absolutely no progress. Next appt is this Tuesday after my due date, where they'll give me an u/s to check on the amount of amniotic fluid...something they do for anyone past their due date. I haven't had any contractions, or even braxton hicks for that matter. I have this feeling I'll be one of those girls who just never goes into labor naturally...hopefully I'm wrong but that's my hunch. The dr. said after the u/s they'll determine how long they'll let me go...usually a week or week and a half!?!?

And to top it all off I caught the flu on Monday night, actually hubs and I both did. It was literally the worst night of my life, throwing up with a huge belly is NOT fun. Again I was so worried we were going to go into labor, of course the night that both of us were at our worst (obviously didn't need to worry too much, hah). I keep telling people that if a night of puking doesn't get Skooter wanting to come out, nothing will! So tomorrow I start operation naturally induce labor! I'm not going to go too overboard, but there will be lots of spicy food, walking/dancing around, pressure point rubbing, red raspberry leaf tea, and hubby's personal favorite....lots of sex! Any other tips people?!?

Little Skooter just know...mommy loves having you in her belly, and I know I'll miss it so much when you're not there anymore. But mommy and daddy are just dying to meet you, we love you so much and I hate to rush you...but the time has come little baby! Mommy is determined, hah!

And just for fun here are a couple pics from the wedding, it was so beautiful and so so much fun...but at the same time I'm hoping I don't have to be the 9 month pregnant b-maid again any time soon! Hope everyone has a very happy New Year, and hopefully I'll be posting soon with a Skooter update! Fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maternity Pics & 37 Week Appt

Well...actually just pic! But it's definitely one of our favs that my photographer just put up on, so I could finally share one! Her gallery was the kind were you couldn't copy and paste, and we didn't buy the disk of digitals cause it wasn't cheap and lets be honest we're saving for the newborn shots! But we bought a bunch of pics, and they came last night and are so gorgeous! I can't wait to get into our new house and frame them. We're actually giving this pic to both of our moms for one of their xmas gifts!

And if any of you Chic.ago bloggies needs a photographer I would totally recommend her!
In other news I had my second internal yesterday, and no action down below. Baby is staying put for now, which is good news cause I'm standing up in one of my bestie's wedding this Saturday (wish me luck people, it's going to be a loooong day) I really appreciate Skooter not making an early arrival.
And somehow I managed to lose 2 lbs...which is crazy since I made a batch of my famous cut out frosted cookies on Saturday and have been eating about 4 a day since then. I'm at a total of 26 lbs...which puts me right on track for the 30lbs my app says I should gain. The dr. I saw yesterday guessed Skooter would be a high 6/low 7 lb baby. How they can tell this just by feeling around my stomach I'll never know, but his head is down so all around he's being a very good baby!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Still Here & Almost 37 Weeks!

Hey all! Wow, maybe my worst blogging dry spell yet. Anyone out there still reading, hah! The holidays have come and just completely knocked me on my ass along with major baby prep! Since my last post I have been one super busy girl but its all SUCH great stuff. Not to mention I'll be 37 weeks and FULL TERM on Monday...omg, how did that happen?!? I'm getting so excited to meet this baby I can hardly take it. I know these last few weeks (assuming I don't go early) will go by so quick, but at the same time I feel like time is standing still. As much as I LOVE Skooter in my tummy, and I know I'll miss having him with me all the time...I'm just dying to have him in my arms. I can tear up over the thought of hubby holding him for then first time...and its frickin killing me wondering if Skooter is a boy or girl!

So here's the rundown of my life over the last month:

Baby Showers:
I had two more lovely baby showers since my last post. The last one was the weekend of thanksgiving, so it was a super busy but fun weekend with the holiday and everything. All I can say is Skooter is one seriously lucky baby, he has SO much stuff and is pretty much set for the first year of life. The only thing he'll need is some pink or blue clothes (or in my case purple or green since i'm neither a pink or blue person). All I can say is Skooter better like little duckys, because that's what he'll be living in for the first month, ha!

(Me and my bestie, she's 4 weeks post baby and looking fab!)


Holy crap, it hit me hard after my last shower. I'm so that person who has more fun organizing xmas presents after I open them, than actually opening them if that make sense. I love putting everything away, stacking and restacking all my new fun things. Well, that's what I started doing with the baby stuff...pulling out the stuff that we needed asap, piling up the older age toys that could wait. Remember we're living with my parents, and while they're house has plenty of room...we personally are spread out all over the place. We're living in my bro's old room, we're setting up baby stuff in the guest room, my business is in the other guest room, we've taken up half the garage with miscellaneous boxes, and baby stuff has taken over the ping pong and pool tables in the basement!

Some days I think we're in good shape for the baby, but then I realize I could literally go any day now and start panicking about how much more we need to do. The big things are install the car seat base (which is happening this weekend), pack the hospital bag, set up the last few baby things we'll need in the beginning, swing,, etc. Things we've accomplished are setting up the bassinet, car seat, diaper genie, ordered diapers, wipes, got diaper rash cream/powder and stuff, washed all baby clothes, okay...why does this not sound like a lot??

Baby Updates:

Let's see...a few weeks ago I had a dr. appt where I got my last ultrasound just to confirm one last time the placenta had fully moved, which it had...YAY! They said Skooter is measuring a tad on the small side, 40% percentile so they're not expecting a huge baby...which should be easier for labor. Hubby is of course worried he's too small, which is absolutely not what they said...and he's obsessed with plumping me up which I explained to him will not necessarily fatten up the baby....just my ass!! Speaking of, at my first weekly appt this Tuesday I've now gained 24 lbs. My I.Phone app says 30 lbs will be average based on my starting weight, so I guess I'm pretty happy with that. I had my first internal check, and nothing to report yet...other than OUCH, I think she was elbow deep!

I was actually excited for my first internal, because I feel like it may give you some idea on whether you're getting closer to go time. However, everything I've heard/read says that you can be dilated 3 cm for weeks, or not be dilated at all and go that very same apparently it's a crap shoot. I'm getting SO anxious just to know how its going to go down. I wish someone could just tell're going to wake up one night with cramps and that's it, or you better keep a towel in your purse cause you're water is going to break at work and its going to be super embarrassing, hah! Or, don't get too excited for xmas dinner because you'll be spending it in the hospital with Skooter. I guess that's half the fun, only Skooter knows when he'll be ready to show...and all we can do is get ready!

House Updates:

So this fall we got so lucky with the weather in Chicago, and they were able to crank away. Then this week hit, right when we needed to start roofing/siding/masonry stuff...and Chicago became a frickin tundra. It's been in the 20s all week long, and next week the high on Monday is a whopping 13 degrees. They were able to install all the windows yesterday, so we're almost completely under roof...but I would like to keep trucking along at our super fast pace so we can be in by April. Here's a pic of the progress as of a couple of weeks ago:

So that's it. Sorry for the super loooong delay in catching everyone up! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!