Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Years & 30 Weeks!!!

So yesterday was the big 3-0 so I'm officially old now, hah! No, it was actually the best birthday ever...thanks to my hubby and awesome friends and family. Its so funny because I remember back when I was like 25 thinking how it was so great that my 30th fell on a Sunday because we could have a big blow out bash Saturday night. So funny how things change! And while we technically didn't have a party I seriously couldn't have had a better birthday weekend!

Saturday I went downtown for a haircut/blowdry in preparation for the maternity shoot. When I got home from the appointment I came home to this, and it was such a fun surprise!

Hubby went and got 30 balloons to fill our room with!

Gorgeous flowers, taffy apples (my FAV), and Reese's...YUM!

Please excuse the shot glass collection in the background, remember we're staying at my parents house in my bro's old room, hah! And hubby killed it with gifts this year, we're trying to keep it low key since Arizona is really the big gift. But he did get me my diaper bag (which I had hinted I wanted) and an adorable picture frame that almost brought me to tears, and this super cute travel changing kit!

So I was praying the whole day the rain would hold off long enough to get our shoot in, and luckily the weather ended up being perfect. We went to the Bot.anic Gar.dens and it was so much fun and gorgeous! I can't wait to post some pics as soon as I get them. Then hubby and I headed downtown to this super cute fondue restaurant, and had the best dinner ever! It was so the perfect day!

Yesterday I had one of my best friends wedding showers, which was actually super fun to get to see all my friends on my bday! And then last night was dinner with the family and some more gifts, again most having to do with was definitely the recurring theme with was just fine with me!

Last week we were actually at my in-laws celebrating my bday and they mentioned this would be the last year Ryan sings happy bday Andrea, and going forward from here it will be happy bday mommy. The thought totally melted my heart, thinking next year at this time little Skooter will be a part of our lives. I feel totally lucky to have such amazing people in my life, and little Skooter in my tummy. And on top of my amazing 30th I woke up today and am now 30 weeks preggo. Now the countdown to AZ begins!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

29 Weeks & Catching Up

First off today i'm 29 weeks, YAY!! I can hardly believe it, it some ways I feel like I've been preggo for so long and in others I can't believe I'm almost to the 10 week countdown! The last few weeks have been busy and hectic...and I think hubby and I are finally past the hump. And right now where I'm sitting there are just so many things to be excited about including:

  • House Demo - Getting all the paperwork and permits needed to tear a house down in a huge pain in the ass. But now the house is down and from here on out the progress is in the hands of our builder, and we can just do our daily drive bys to check on progress! These pics are from last week, this week they're getting ready to pour the new foundation!

Hubby in the pit!

  • Maternity Shoot - this Saturday hubby and I are doing our maternity shoot in the Botan.ic Gar.dens! To be honest I'm excited for the maternity shoot, but am using it more to get a couple cute pics of hubs and I...and the package for maternity/newborn wasn't that much more so I figured why not? Crossing my fingers for good weather!
  • My bday - This Sunday I turn the big 3-0! Coincidentally, I'll be 30 weeks next Monday! Hubby and I are celebrating Saturday night after our shoot. Then Sunday we'll do family stuff and our annual bday celebration pumpkin carving and I'll def. be hitting DQ up for a pum.pkin pie bliz.zard...the best fall treat ever!!
  • Babymoon - Halloween weekend hubby and I are heading to Scott.sdale for a long weekend for our babymoon/my 30th bday celebration. I'm am SO excited to lay by the pool for 3 days straight and hit up the spa!
  • Baby Showers - I have 3 baby showers in November so its going to be a super fun busy month! Things have starting going on my registry and its so crazy to think that people are buying stuff for little Skooter (who at my 28 week appt last week measured in at 2.5lbs which does not seem so little)!
  • Holidays - So in my mind as soon at t-giving hits this year baby Skooter's arrival will be right around the corner. I love love love the holidays, I'm def. the person that puts my tree up the day after t-giving and my car is tuned to xmas music on the radio 24/7! This year I can't even imagine how exciting it will be knowing our first baby will be making his/her appearance right around such an amazing time of year! I get goosebumps just thinking about it! I always said the holidays would be the worst time of year to have a baby, but now I can't think of anything better!