Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Shower & Almost 33 weeks!

So technically I'm only 32w4d, but once I hit Friday I'm pretty much rounding up to the next week. I'm a cheater, but whateva!! So hard to believe, 33 weeks sounds close...7 weeks is crazy, I mean if I get real carried away I could almost justify rounding that down to 4 weeks...well that's a bit of stretch but still.

I am getting a little nervous about being ready. Being in between homes has been nice in some ways cause I haven't been stressing about the nursery, or finding the perfect gender neutral bedding (which I swear doesn't exist). But now I'm starting to feel a little panicky about how its all going to work without my perfect little nursery ready to go. I registered for a bassinet, which people tell me they use for the first few months anyways...and my comes with a changing table. I guess being a new mom is all about figuring it out, so I'm sure it will all be fine. But I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to our house being done, and moving our new little family into our own space finally!

In other news I had my first shower this last weekend! My mom threw this for my family and girlfriends. It was a good "starter" shower, to get me back into the shower swing of things. Opening gifts in front of people, super awkward...and when its quiet and you feel 20 sets of eyes on you waiting to see how you react to wait for it....yep another set of bibs (while adorable and I registered for them, it goes get hard to really get reved up with the same enthusiasm as the first 4 sets)!! And I'm a sweater, I get nervous and I start pitting....sorry gross but true! But at the end of the day, it was a super fun shower and Skooter got some amazing stuff, including my crib from my college friends!!!

We also had our labor class the day before. A friend had mentioned it was sort of a waste of time, but I totally disagree. The day did start off a little rocky when the girl sitting in the chair next to me had a seizure within 15 minutes of class starting, SO scary but we got word she and baby were doing just fine an hour or so later. We got to go on a tour of the hospital and see all 3 rooms that would be part of the delivery process. The nurse was great and gave us a bunch of great advice about labor. Some of the highlights I got were:

- If you're not sure whether you're in labor or just braxton.hicks....take a long shower. If you get out of the shower and the contractions are gone, they were just braxton...but if they're more intense time to call the dr.
- She said if there's nothing else you remember it's to try not to tense up during contractions. Try as hard as possible to relax, tensing will only make it worse.
- We watched a labor video which was pretty graphic, and afterwards she noted these were all obviously natural labors. She said an epidural video would be pretty boring...which I plan to do, so that made me happy. Boring labor sounds like happy labor to me, hah!
- She said do not wear a bra when you change into your gown, especially not a sports bra. She said if you do need a c-section in the end, they are a huge pain to get off with all the other things hooked up to you. Random but I thought it was a good piece of info!
- She had a fake pair of hip bones, and told us how it really doesn't matter how big you are on the all depends on the size of the whole between your hips. This woman was teeny tiny, like 100 lbs, and said she had 9 lbs babies. I have pretty narrow hips, so here's hoping I have one huge gaping hip hole, ha!
- Do not buy new pajamas for the hospital post delivery, or if you do get some cheapy nightgownish type thing that you can pull up for cleaning up down below (she warned you will bleed on whatever you're wearing), and its easier for breastfeeding.

So while the idea of labor got a lot more real (holy crap in 7 short weeks I WILL have to push this baby out of me), it did make me feel more prepared which is always a good thing! And here's a pic of hubs and I post-shower!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to Reality

So we're back from our babymoon in AZ. It was a short but sweet, and worth every penny. I realized while we there, that this would be hubby and my last trip pre-Skooter. Which is not to say we won't travel alone once he gets here, but it will be our last trip where its just us two. I'm guessing all future vacays in the back of our minds we'll be missing/worrying/excited to get back to our baby. It made me also realize how much I'm going to soak up these last couple months of just hubby and me time, before Skooter is welcomed to our little family! Don't get me wrong, I'm literally counting the minutes to his/her arrival...but change is change, and I think it was just a reminder to soak up my quality time with hubby these next two months.

In any case, the vacay was great! The hotel was amazing, the spa even better...I had a prenatal and facial. It was SO weird to lay on my stomach on the little bump pillow they had on the table. I must say normally I hate when the masseuse is like okay, time to flip over....cause you know the good part of the massage is over. But this time, I was more than ready to get on my back...I felt like I was crushing poor little Skooter!! It probably also didn't help I had just eaten lunch and Skooter was moving like crazy the whole time.

We laid by the pool, ate tons of good food (i'm a little nervous for my next weigh in at the dr, hah), and drank lots of fun drinks poolside. Again, I don't think the virgin pina coladas I was downing were doing much for my waistline...but dang they were good, even without the booze! We talked a LOT about Skooter, mostly going back and forth if Skooter is a boy or a girl. We have names officially ironed out. To be honest we've known them since this summer, but we went through the options one last time and have agreed on both...which we won't be sharing with anyone until Skooter is here, no matter how much our mom's beg us!

So in other news now that we're back and now that November is here its officially baby month for us! This Sunday marks the first of three baby showers I'm having, all in November. And Saturday we're heading downtown all day for our baby class at the hospital where we're delivering. I'm super excited to get a lay of the land, and see exactly where Skooter is going to make his/her arrival. Hope everyone is having a good week, time for some major blog catch up!