Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Progesterone Results

So I went in bright and early this am for my 7dpo progesterone test. I always love going in for this blood test because it's like the final step each cycle, and now I know i'm in the home stretch. And the nurse called this afternoon and my results are 30.1! I was SO pumped to hear that number, not that it means anything besides a healthy ovulation. But at least I know if by some miracle one of hubbys guys found my egg, and it manages to implant...I know my body can sustain the pregnancy. I am trying very hard to not read anything else into that number, as last month I was only 18 at 7dpo, so that seems like a big improvement to me. I guess only time will tell!

And if pregnancy wasn't on my mind 24/7, today at work I had a co-worker ask if I was expecting?!? Now I have to note, this woman is super quirky! When a new CVS opened near our office she asked me every day for 3 weeks if I had been to the CVS, and how nice the CVS was, and how she planned to do all her xmas shopping at CVS. I mean relax lady, it's a frickin CVS! She also once told me the (way too long) story of how the father of her first child, left her for a fat toothless women, she was at the time comparing herself to Elin Woods. Like I said, quirky!

Anyways, I passed her on my way to the bathroom and she stopped me and said "can i ask you something personal"....the question "are you expecting" was the LAST thing I was prepared for. Caught completely off guard I started nervously laughing and could feel my face getting super red, and unconvincingly told her no (she probably totally thinks I am). I also made a mental note to stop wearing any empire waist tops until I was actually preggo. But NO, she wasn't saying it in regards to weight...she proceeded to tell me I looked really pale and sick, so she assumed it was morning sickness. Oh, it's not that you think I overdid it on xmas cookies this year, you're telling me I'm ugly now?!?! I mean yah I'm pale, it's frickin January and I never wear makeup to work...guess I'll be bronzing it up tomorrow! Like I said if it was any other person I would probably be offended...but instead I'm hoping my nosy little quirky coworker has the ability to read the future!!!

And totally random but I just had the most insane toe cramp...now do I google "pregnancy symptoms toe cramp" or not??? My head says NO, but my uterus says YES! Plus hubby has grad school class tonight (Tuesdays are now my least fav day of the week, and this really messes up watching Lost this season, which starts in 28 days) and doesn't get home until 10:30pm. What else am I supposed to do!?! I'm cutting myself off officially from Google tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yay, great number!
Your co-worker does sound kinda wacky...who asks that, I mean really??

AplusB said...

Congrats on the good progesterone number! I was so proud when I got my first proof of ovulation last month.
Sorry about your nosy co-worker. What a weirdo! At least you didn't take offense and took it in stride :)

Jane said...

Just wanted to say... I'm a total Lostie, too. And great progesterone number! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

GREAT P4 number, doesn't that feel like such a big victory?! Hope all of your stars to continue to align! :)

Al said...

Awesome progesterone number! I think the 50 mgs is doing the trick for you :-). I hope you get some great news in a week and your crazy co-worker has really good instincts.

Shanny said...

That's a really good number! I hope that quirky co-worker is on to something, I do, I do, I do!
And if you can come up with a formula as to how to cut yourself off completely from Google, can you pass the info on? Thanks. I know I couldn't do it. =)

Fingers crossed!

Elisabeth said...


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A said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! That is an AWESOME progesterone number! Are you on supplements? Progesterone (deficiency) is my only problem, and I am on supplements this 2ww to try to combat that!! Here's praying we both get our BFP's this cycle!! :) I'm looking forward to reading you :)