Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gotta Love Blog Awards!!!

So blogging is great for so many reasons, but one thing I love is these bloggie friend awards...seriously they make my day!! And let's face it, they're the only awards I'll be getting any time soon!!

I've been meaning to send a huge thanks to Ashley at Fortheloveofshoesandababy2 for giving me the blogger BFF award. She's currently in the middle of her first IVF cycle, so check out her blog and send her some love for her upcoming retrieval!

The rules of this award are as follows:
1. Thank and link the person that sent it to you
2. Present this award to at least five people and explain why you chose them for this award
3. Copy and past the award on your blog
So I'm actually going to combine this with another blog I received yesterday from "Type A" at thetypeanightmare. Thank you so much for the Happy 101 award, totally made my brutally long and depressing Monday a little more bearable!!

When you receive the Happy 101 Award, you have to list 10 Things That Make My Day and then list 10 Blogs worthy of this award as well, and then you'll have the award and they'll have the award too.


1. Grande Nonfat Chai Latte from Star.bucks - pricey yes, but it makes me feel all happy and warm inside when I drink them...except NOT during the TWW! And for that matter ice coffees in the summer, yum!!
2. My pups - and their never ending kisses!
3. Spooning with hubby - makes it so easy to fall asleep and so hard to get out of bed in the morning!
4. An afternoon on the golf course with hubby - can't wait to get this fix in FL!
5. Blogging - reading, comments, getting new readers, tweeting, love it all!
6. Back Scratches - hubby is a VERY good back scratcher, also good at playing with my hair but feels to need to get out all the tangles which can sometimes be extremely painful!!
7. Watching the Today Show - which means I'm either working from home or not at work at all...both of which are way better than being at work!
8. Shopping Shopping Shopping - nothing can cure me more than spending money (sorry hubs it's true). My last purchase this weekend...a pair of jeggings (jean leggings) that are SO comfortable. Perfect for my IF bloat!
9. HGTV - Love this channel, and can watch it all day every day.
10. Dr.ex in the Morning - I downloaded the I Heart Radio app on my I.Phone when I got it, and since then I developed the need to listen to his trashy talk show daily at my desk!
So since it's ICLW week I figured I would do something different and nominate some totally new blogs I've stumbled across (and some other semi-new bloggie friends). Feel free to pick either award and pass it along!!
Here are the 10 blogs that I would like to AWARD!


The (Type A) Nightmare said...

Yay! Blog Awards rock!

jenicini said...

Thanks for the award girl! I love finding new blogs with ICLW too. :) It's fun to celebrate them like this!

Browniris said...

I love the Today Show and HGTV, too. It's just not the same if I can't start my day out with the Today Show crew!

Anonymous said...

Spooning = amazing. And so are good back scratches! Husbands are the best. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award :)

Andrea said...

Awwww! Thanks a Million for the Award :) So sweet!

I could have written your what makes me happy list :) I also love a Starbucks (non fat, no water) Chai, blogging, HGTV and the Today Show! If you come to Memphis, Tn look me up and I'll treat you to a Chai.

HUGS and know that I'm sending the "positive" vibe your way.


R.J. said...

Re: my beta - mine is next Friday. Seems like forever away. I'm jealous you get yours a little early!! Pretty soon we can start swapping some phantom symptoms.

Hurray for getting to golf on your trip! My hubby and I also love to golf but living in MN makes for such a short season.

And thanks for the award - love it!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Thank you so much...I'll post it this week! I really appreciate it. I was trying to explain this amazing community to someone today and I just couldn't get across how fulfilling and comforting it is. Then I get home and have this from you...reminding me again how much I appreciate you and my blog buddies. Thank you thank you!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hi there here from ICLW, picked yours because you said "IUI", I had one early this month but unfortunately BFN. Good luck to you though hope you get a BFP soon!

Tiffany said...

Congrats on the blog awards! And it's so fun to read all of your "about me" items!

Crossed Fingers said...

I am addicted to HGTV too - Love that channel!

Wishing 4 One said...

So hoping your BFP is on its way. Thanks girl for the award, this community has been amazing and has saved and helped me more than you can imagine! I am so glad I found your blog too! xoxoxoxo

kimbosue said...