Monday, March 15, 2010

IVF Consult

For starters, sorry this is a long one, but I have a very cool side story so just keep reading!!

So this morning at 7:30am I went to my official IVF consult. We were given our packet of info at our last appointment, and hubby and I sat down and reviewed everything yesterday. Going through the paperwork alone was overwhelming. I never thought about it, but when you're planning on hopefully freezing embryos you need to decide what to do with them, if a) something were to happen to me b) something were to happen to hubby c) something were to happen to both of us and d) if we get divorced. Not a super fun conversation to have, but I guess just another thing that comes along with IF.

In any case after going through all the paperwork and coming up with our list of questions we felt ready to go. This morning the Dr. basically went through a very detailed explanation of each part of the process. Again, this was very overwhelming. Its funny because before I knew anything about IF procedures...I always thought of IVF being the slam dunk procedure. Sure I knew there were a bunch of shots you had to give yourself, but why wouldn't anyone do that when it guaranteed you a baby. Boy was a I wrong.

Yes, the success rates of very high. But there are about a million things that could go wrong with any IVF cycle, some that may actually prevent you from getting to perform the IVF cycle. That's probably my worst fear right now, going down this path only to have the cycle cancelled, which after meeting with my Dr. is a valid concern. He said since I'm young, and responded very well to drugs I have a higher chance of over stimulation (which is actually a very serious problem to have). He said he's planning to start me out on a lower than usual dose, but it's really a guessing game of getting that correct formula of drugs that is perfect for my body. And until he sees how I react, it's really a guessing game until he hits the sweet spot.

We went through all my questions, and one of which was regarding a sheet of blood tests we needed to get prior to IVF. I was asking him if this was necessary since we've already completed all of these tests, and he informed us this was really for people who were coming to the clinic for the first time and were going straight to IVF. Now here's my super fun side note...when he said that he mentioned there is a particular Dr. at the clinic that tells everyone to do IVF no matter what. And this is so random, but leads me to my side fav show Giu.liana & Bill's season finale was on last night (which was so good by the way)!

***Spoiler alert ***

They find out their IUI was unsuccessful and the Dr. recommends they see a fertility specialist about IVF. When they go to this appointment in the upper corner of the tv they flash the name of my fertility clinic!!! Hubby thinks I'm just like Giu.liana in terms of fertility stuff, and I totally think hubby is like Bill (I told hubby last night that if we get pregnant and they get pregnant we are SO being them for halloween, other options are Jack & Kate from lost, or Coach and Coach's wife from Friday night lights. Don't ask my why I'm planning Halloween costumes now, and hubby has vetoed all of these anyways, but c' cute would that be) we got weirdly excited about them going to our clinic!!

Anyways, I asked my Dr. if it was Dr. K who tells everyone to do IVF, and the only reason I asked was because that's who G&B saw on their show last night. And he said, oh just wait until next season...we're going to be on it all the time. And I told him they were recently on the view and said they were starting their IVF cycle soon. And he said oh yah, they were here on Friday filming! So now I'm seriously hoping I see them in the waiting room, how cool would that be?!?

Okay, so enough of my celebrity obsession and back to IVF. We finished up the consult, and then met with the nurse to witness all the important signatures and that was it. I now just need to call and have the other nurse order my meds, and hubby has to go in to give a sample to freeze for backup purposes. But then I'm just waiting to start Lu.pron. I have 2 more weeks of bc, and you overlap with Lu.pron the last few days.

On one hand I'm so excited, and can't wait to get this show on the road. I have high expectations because I have responded so well in the past, but this also worries me because obviously responding well hasn't equated to a baby. I'm very nervous about all the different outcomes there are, overstimming, canceling the cycle, retrieving no eggs, having a low number of embryos, having low quality embryos, having no embryos to freeze, giving myself all these shots, the PIO shots (my dr. has mentioned a couple times these hurt, especially if you don't have a little meat back there which I'm not kidding when I say I have no in a bad way non-sexy kinda way...its like my back continues straight down into my legs, hahah). At the end of the day its amazing we have the technology to do this...but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't beyond scared to venture down this path. I'm just so thankful I have an amazing support system, and feel relieved you guys will be there every step of the way!


Wishing 4 One said...

Wow that was so long, but so good girl! We don't get that show here but I know all about frm blogs and online and very cool they use your clinic. You may just run into them someday.

I used to think about IVF the same way you did. I just knew the first time we would be pregnant, but it didn't happen for us until 3 cycles later as you know. But for you lets wish it takes just this one. Thinking of you my friend.

Baby On Mind said...

Hey. great post! I can totally relate to your IVF consult, especially the signing of what to do if something happened to you, DH, both, or divorce. Sucks to have to think about it, but it's a reality. It's not all happy go lucky.
There are so many hurdles for IVF, but we just have to take it all one step at a time. To be honest, I never thought I'd have to get to the point of IVF. With all the cost and pain, and the technology that exists, you'd think IVF would be slam dunk, right?
I'm excited that you are starting your IVF, though we all wish we never need to get here. Good luck, take it one step at and time, and I will be following your progress.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this post. I was anxious to hear how everything went and curious at the same time (just in case we are at this point in a few months). It sucks that you have to think about what to do with any frozen embryos if those things happen, but it's great that the clinic covers those things just in case. They sound really thorough!

I know there are a lot of hurdles ahead of you, but don't try and jump them all at once. Remember you'll only finish the race intact if you tackle one at a time. :)

And how awesome would that be if you got to see the film crew at your clinic! You have to let us know if that happens.

I'm so excited for you and this upcoming cycle!

The Millers said...

I watched that episode last night. Very cool that you are both at the same clinic!
I like the show and I think they are adorable. I just have to say..especially last night..I was a little annoyed. If we had the money to drop on IVF after just one IUI, this experience would have been a lot easier! Everytime we were given bad news it would have been nice to just go on another vacation. I am happy for them, but it is just so far from most couples "reality."

Jessica said...

I can totally relate to being overwhelmed and nervous about IVF. I start my Lupron shots on Thursday!!

I am excited for you and hope this IVF gets you a healthy baby!!

It is so cool the G&B go to your clinic....I would be stalking them if they went to mine. Let us know if you have a star sighting!

Anonymous said...

I love that G and B go to your clinic. That is awesome....and you know that if they are going there then you are going to a really good RE!!

Don't worry about IVF. It isnt that bad. The only shots that ever bothered me where the progesterone ones after the retrieval and transfer. You'll do great!

There are a lot of things that can go wrong. In my case I will be starting IVF #5 in April. I have only made it to retrieval and transfer one time so far and all the other times somethign has gone wrong. It sucks....but you deal with it. It is all a guessing game on meds dosages...because everybody is different.

Good luck!

Kim said...

I love G&B - I watched the DVR'd season finale this morning while getting ready for work. I kind of figured it didn't work seeing how Guilianna was on the View and said they were doing IVF. I wonder if it worked? She sould know by now. How long do we have to wait to find out?! So cool you are going to their clinic!!!

Can you believe Bill took her to that Ostrich farm?! I have been there before, made me laugh!!

Good luck with your upcoming cycle, I am so very excited for you!!! But I totally understand all the "what if's"


Beckie's Infertile said...

YAY! It is great when things FINALLY feel like they re getting somewhere! Thinking about you guys!

Kelly said...

This was a great post, detailing so much of what there is to consider at an IVF consultation. I can't believe they go to your same clinic also! You sound excited and hopeful! What a great outlook to have!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a great consult all in all! I was watching G&B last night also and when they showed them going to the RE I wondered if any of you Chicago bloggies were going to the same place!! How cool! They have to be really good if they're going there too. I know it's got to be scary to think about, but you can do it. =) I'm excited for you!

Erin said...

How cool is it that G&B go to the same clinic as you? So awesome.

I'm really excited about IVF for you! Don't worry too much about things going wrong...things go right more often then they go wrong. It sounds like you've got a great plan.

Dear Diary said...

We will be here supporting through this whole process. IVF is very scary but at the same time your chances are so high that you should just focus on that.
OMG that's so awesome that your doctor is the same doctor as Giuliana and Bill!!! Last night I cried when they told her the IUI didn't work. I could totally relate to her, I have been there many times. I really hope you get to see them =)

Shanny said...

I'm thinking of you girl! It is overwhelming but its worth it, I promise =)

R.J. said...

I'm excited for both of us! I know there are so many things to worry about in an IVF cycle, but the good news is you respond well. And that's what all the monitoring is for, to make sure you're paced well. Just think of this as your best shot so far!

BTW, that is awesome that G&B is filming at your clinic. I'm so going to be looking for you in the background shots!

Anonymous said...

Whaaaa!?!??!? OMG I am so excited for you to bump into G&B, become fast friends and then mommies-to-be together! I'll be looking forward to the episode where you and G go shopping for buggies next season!! :)

Seriously, that is so awesome. I was just telling J that based on their interview on the view, they should be in the midst of their IVF cycle.

I am in IN and my RE is in Indy. I was so excited when I was watching the episode of Kendra in December when she gave birth and it was my RE's building!! Obvs she didn't have to go to an RE, but her OB was in the same building. I had visions of running into her and becoming friends. Hmmm...that didn't happen but there's still hope if Hank plays for the Colts again next year!

Seriously, though...wishing you all the best with the IVF cycle. Lots and lots of good luck and success!

Secret Sloper said...

You are making me want to start watching that show. I've always thought Giuliana and Bill were so cute...and now they're getting knocked up in the same place my friend is :)

Wow, I never even thought about all those questions about what to do with left over embryos. This is such an education.

This is going to work for you, I'm sure of it! You'll be pregnant so soon :)

Al said...

So cool that G&B are at your clinic! I hope you see her, maybe you'll even be on the show!!

I hope they find your sweet spot for the stim meds and you can avoid hyperstimulation - that sounds so scary and uncomfortable. I hope this is it for you!! I have a good feeling :-)

sienna said...

haha, i saw the episode last night. it was great timing, bc i was happy to have company in getting that BFN. so, dr kaplan is your RE??

Browniris said...

I hope that your IVF cycle goes well for you! I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I so hope that ivf works for you and that you don't get overstimulated. Sending you lots of luck. That is so cool that you go the same RE and G&B. I hope you bump into them during monitoring!

Anonymous said...

Ok so much I want to say. :)

Yes-signing the papers as to what you want to been done to the frozens was very difficult for me. I'm infertile and now I have to decide what I want done with my babies if I die?!?! Yah. It was hard.

That is so cool that you might see them in the waiting room. What a fun story!! Of course, make sure you share if you do see them. :)

Glad everything is going well for you! I'll be on Lupron in about two weeks too. They changed my meds for this cycle. We may be on a similar schedule. Fingers crossed for you!!

Anonymous said...

There are so many mixed emotions during that IVF consult. I'm just about to start IVF and my emotions constantly flip-flop. The important part is to stay positive though! Best of luck with everything!