Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The IF Girl's Guide to Being on BC While TTC

Hey everyone, I made it back home and since Monday I've just been trying to catch up on everything. My job, my business, blogging, my house, I seriously need a few more days of vacation just so I can get back in the swing of things. But we flew in Monday morning, and literally went straight to my baseline appt. For once I thought, I could care less what shows up since I knew I'd be starting bc anyways...well I must have forgotten that nothing with IF is predictable. The u/s showed 4 cysts...2 on each side that were all around 30mm (wtf). So I have to say that freaked me out a little, and thank goodness I wasn't hoping to cycle again this month or the u/s lady might have witnessed the tantrum of all tantrums!!! hahah.

But the nurse called later that day and said the cysts didn't matter and go ahead and start birth control that night. I have to say, I found it semi-humorous to be taking birth control now after all that's happened. I mean I get it's part of the protocol, but still it feels so weird to pull it out of my purse everyday and pop that little pill like I use to back in college. Of course back in college I'd get lazy and miss a couple, and then was terrified I had gotten pregnant...ahhh perspective.

In any case, I'm literally counting the days until I'm done with this part of the cycle...i'm not good at waiting, for anything. Just ask my mom, or my husband who will tell you when I'm ready for something I go full force until I make that goal a reality. But for now, I'm forced to wait...but don't you worry cause I've got my game plan...STAY BUSY. Very very busy, in hopes these next few weeks fly by. Here's the plan:

Monday 3/8: baseline appt
Tuesday 3/9: back at work, work dinner
Wednesday 3/10: clean house, grocery shop, catch up on shows from last night like LOST
Thursday 3/11: cleaning lady for deep spring cleaning
Friday 3/12: payday, quiet night with hubby, steam clothes for upcoming photo shoot
Saturday 3/13: unofficial St. Patty's day (where I will be mostly fake drinking) but still super fun
Sunday 3/14: website photo shoot, edit pics all day, complete IVF paperwork
Monday 3/15: 7:30am IVF consult with Dr. S, 2:30pm new acupuncturist consult
Tuesday 3/16: boring Tuesday, except for Lost
Wednesday 3/17: St. Patty's day and father-in-laws bday which means yearly celebration at fun Irish restaurant
Thursday 3/18: I got nothing, oh...tons of shows
Friday 3/19: it's Friday, YAY
Saturday 3/20: Mom's birthday, another celebration
Sunday 3/21 - Saturday 3/27: need to start planning some fun stuff ASAP
Sunday 3/28: Chicago bloggie brunch, last day of birth control!!!

So luckily this month I happen to be pretty busy. I may even splurge and go get a massage or something before we really get going here. Oh, and in preparation for my IVF consult...does anyone out there have any "must ask" questions? I have a few, but this all happened so fast and I have this terrible feeling I'm going to go in there...think to myself omg, am I really at an IVF consult right now, freak the eff out and totally freeze up. So any bits of advice would be SO appreciated!!! Thanks girls!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I totally hear you on the weirdness of popping BCPs. And it does take you back to that naive time when you thought you could actually be pregnant from skipping a couple. Muhahahaha!

I think it's awesome you're keeping super busy this month. Good, good stuff. Counting down with you!!

Anonymous said...

Yah being on BC is weird. I know it's part of the plan, but it doesn't make sense. Thankfully, for me, I didn't have to get on BC. i don't remember the reasoning behind why they didn't put me on it. Something about my elevated FSH level or something. Anyway, yes, stay busy! And trust me...this month will go by faster than you think it will...for me it did at least. As for questions, make sure you understand all of your meds. I wanted to make sure I knew the number to call for when I did have questsions. I wanted to know my chances and wanted to know exactly what to expect. Fingers crossed for you!!

Anonymous said...

BCPs while TTC = definitely weird. I had to take them a month before surgery and "skip" the placebos... only I couldn't even remember which ones they were! It was like I was in a time warp back to age 18: totally clueless.

It sounds like you have lots going on this month to keep you busy. That's so great! We're counting down the days with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! So sorry about those cysts. Usually my RE will put someone on bc pills if they have a cyst so I guess it was good that you were going on bc pills anyways. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow your next few weeks sound really busy and FUN!!! I hope you enjoy everything and it goes by quickly. Good luck at your next consult! =)

The Millers said...

Yes, it sounds like we will be IVF buddies!! How great is that! I start my stims on 3/30. Egg retrieval will be anywhere from 4/9-4/11. If you are intersted in the PGD I found a lab that actually tests more chromosomes and cheaper than the first lab my doc suggested. They come highly recommended as well. Anything I can do to help... I would be more than happy!! Here is to the next few weeks flying by!!!!

AplusB said...

I know what you mean about needing a vacation after a vacation. It always takes me about a week to get "back to normal." Sorry about the cysts - that's crazy! Glad you can continue with the plan...I can only imagine how weird it is to take birth control (why did we ever take them in the first place???) The waiting suuuucks. Hope this goes by quickly for you and YES! So excited for our brunch!!!

Dear Diary said...

Im so happy to see that you are doing great and you have such a positive attitude until next cycle. Im like you super busy I need to also make a list =)

Erin said...

How awesome that your last BC day is our brunch! What an awesome reason to celebrate!

When I did my IVF consult, I got a big binder full of info. It's from my clinic, but if you want it, it's yours!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy. Such a good idea to have everything planned so you aren't just focused on the IVF. :)

R.J. said...

I get it - I'm terrible at waiting too! HATE it! Glad to hear we'll be cycle buddies!

Al said...

It's got to be so odd to be popping the BCPs, but kinda cool that each pill you take you're one day closer to IVF - and a baby.

Will definitely be celebrating your last BCP at brunch in a couple of weeks. Glad you're staying busy this month, I hope March flies by.

Jessica said...

Yay....we will be IVF buddies, its always nice to go through this with support. Good luck at your consult.

Andrea said...

I love it! St. Patty's Day drinking and apearing FUN :) Way to get your inner Irish girl on!

Just reading your schedule made me tired, but that is the life of a girl on the move, a fashionista!

Keep busy, as distraction is my very best friend :)

Many Hugs

A said...

Hang in there with the BC- I'm sure it feels so backwards!! I would definitely ask what protocol they use and why they chose it. My RE went over everything in a ton of detail, to the point that I was like, okay, we've done three IUI's and we're about to do IVF, you don't think I've done a tad bit of research about what goes on? But gotta love my RE for being thorough!!!

The Millers said...

The supplements that my husband and I are both on is called Fertility Blend (one for the men and one for the women). I guess it would not hurt to ask your dr about them for you. They are supposed to improve the quality of the eggs for me and the quality of the sperm for the men. I know plenty of women going through IVF that did not take these supplements. I guess it just depends on your doc and your case. Hope that helps!

Rach said...

Glad I found your blog. Embarking on our first IVF as well!