Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Silly Things We Do

So I'm so excited I started my blog, because now I have a place where I can actually talk about some of the weirdo things dealing with IF has forced me to do, yup that's right...IF literally forced my hand and I had absolutely no choice but to act in such a way! hah. We all do them, and probably overlap on many of these. Like tell me who hasn't pushed on their boobs so much, you can't tell if they're hurting on their own or from you doing it all day at work! Or immediately googling "chances of egg not implanting because dog stepped on my uterus" (which happens probably every month, I mean I LOVE my dogs but dam...they always seem to step on the sweet spot)...and fyi there doesn't appear to be any articles on this specific topic on the web, so don't even waste your time searching!

So probably the longest running quirk I have going is currently in my purse. Back around the time of my miscarriage hubby came home from work with a little treat for me...his go to cheer me up can't fail treat...Re.ese Pea.nut But.ter cups! YUM. Normally I would scarf them up, and instantly feel better. But I knew even those wouldn't cheer me up then, so I kept them in my purse for a rainy day. The funny thing was hubby bought himself a pack a Com.bos that he also didn't eat, so they also ended up in my purse for another day. So fast forward 8 months and can you guess what is still in that purse of know it, that pack of and Com.bos. Somewhere along the road I vowed I wouldn't eat those until I was preggers again, and same went for the Com.bos. Strange, yes...but in my head it truly made sense. Like if I could somehow resist the urge to eat them, then I most certainly would get pregnant again and really, its not like it was going to take that long right???

Well, now I don't even know if those or Com.bos will be edible, considering they've been on the bottom of my overly large purse that is stuffed to capacity! I probably should put them in a zip lock baggie before the wrapper actually disintegrates. But the point of the story is I've waited this long, what's a few more months. I will not give up on my little plan, I will not let IF beat me and my goal! And I've already decided when I DO get preggo again...assuming I get the call in the afternoon, and IF I can somehow hold off on psycho dialing hubby with the news...I will put the and the Com.bos on a plate...and have it waiting for hubby when he gets home. He knows this little game I've been playing with myself, and he'll know exactly what it means. I know it's beyond cheesy...but somehow it will say everything, without saying anything!


Lynn said...

I don't think its cheesy at all, I think its sweet! It signifies the ultimate prize for you and your hubby. I hope you get to make that plate up very soon!

Al said...

Love this story! I really hope you'll be serving your hubby up some combos very soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh that will be so awesome when you can serve your reeses and combos! I liked that story too, I hope you get to eat them very soon!