Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My IF Christmas Wish

So for those of you wondering I got the call Friday from my nurse...who informed me I could go ahead and start taking my clomid!! She called about an hour before my friends came over for the xmas party, so I could not have been more relieved the news was good! I still am a little troubled about how easily they were willing to have me sit out the month, but I guess it just shows that you are your own best advocate. And I'm so happy I asked to come back in for another check, and who knows maybe THIS will be the month I get pregnant. I have a good feeling about 2010!

So this weekend was full of xmas festivities. The party was so much fun, ate and drank way too much! Saturday hubby and I went shopping all day long, and we were so efficient...got almost everything done! And that night we headed downtown to my younger brother's xmas party and ate and drank way too much...again. Sunday I wrapped gifts, finished my xmas cards, and curled up on the couch with hubby most of the night to watch season 3 of the Tudors (such a good show). Yesterday we both took the day off, and I was so happy to have a lazy day after our very busy and fun weekend!

And now xmas is upon us, which one hand is so exciting because it truly is my favorite time of the year. I am that person who starts listening to the xmas station in my car the day after t-giving (and it does not change until the day after xmas). And my tree is up, house decorated...have hubby outside putting up lights! I figure it only comes once a year, so why not soak up as much xmas as possible!!! But this year I would be lying if I said I wasn't having trouble not thinking about what could have been. There is a little voice in my head reminding me I could have been 9 months pregnant, I could have been asking for baby stuff for xmas, I could have been decorating an adorable little nusery, I could have sent out an xmas card picture where I had a big pregnant belly, and it truly would have been the happiest time of the year.

But it's out of my hands, so all I want for myself this year is to just enjoy what I have right now, in this moment, and hope 2010 brings us a BFP. Who knows, this could be hubby and my last xmas just the two of us, and really how can that be bad? I mean he's only my most favorite person in the world! And for this xmas I'm praying anyone else who is testing receives good news, because I think that would just basically be the best.gift.ever. I know there are a tons of fellow bloggers out there with xmas time betas lined up. Also, one of my best friends has been trying since summer and her period is expected on xmas eve. She got burned last month and got her period on thanksgiving day, so in my opinion she's due for some good news. So I'm sending out good vibes and in the meantime hoping my clomid is busting out follies as we speak, hah!


Viva La Fashion said...

i'm so excited for christmas! :D

Al said...

I'm glad the party was a success and you get to have another IUI this cycle! It's so true you have to be the one in charge of your treatment and asking the right questions, otherwise it seems like they'll do whatever protocol says and not try to make it work. I'm fairly new to the RE office, but that's the impression I get from other blogger's experiences.

I hope IUI #2 is the one that does the trick! Have a very Merry Christmas - and I hope it is the last one that's just the two of you. Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

Lots of great things! I'm glad your party was a hit and you got to do lots of Christmasy things. I love xmas too. I like your positive outlook and I'm hoping this is the last xmas with just me and my DH also. Good luck with this cycle!

AplusB said...

I hope this year brings us both BFPs!