Friday, December 18, 2009

CD 4 - Just Waiting for the Call

So I went to my dr's office this morning for the 3rd time this week. Man, it's getting old. The days I go the dr. I make super early appointments a) so I can go before work and b) so I"m always sure to get same day results. The downside is I live in the burbs, and my dr's office is on these days I have to get up at the crack of dawn, sit in awful traffic, and pay for parking twice...$4 at my dr. and $14 at my office. As if IF isn't costing me enough!

My u/s went great and she said my lining was at 4 and it needs to be under 6. So now I'm just waiting for my blood test results, and praying that my HCG level is under 1. And seriously, how could it not be...we're talking about .5 in two days. I mean I'm not asking for much here. So after work in attempts to maintain a positive attitude I'm going to fill my clomid prescription, so when I get that call I can hopefully pop a pill (I technically should have started yesterday).

Other than that I'm ecstatic its Friday and tonight I'm hosting my 7th Annual Couples Xmas party! It's basically a party I started throwing for my 3 high school best friends and their boyfriends our first year out of college, when we were all living in the city! We've all since moved to the burbs with our now hubbies and this will be the second year having at my grown up person house. My current to do list looks something like this:

- Make stuffed mushrooms
- Thaw meatballs (frozen from Tra.der Joe's)
- Make buffalo chicken dip
- Clean my bedroom/bathroom upstairs
- Put my secret santa ornament in gift bag
- Make yummy spiked punch (which i'll be drinking heavily tonight, especially if I don't get the clomid go ahead)
- Light candles
- Have someone snap a picture of me, hubby, and the pups for our xmas card

Whew. It'll be hectic, but I love this stuff! Now that we're in the burbs we usually munch/drink for a couple of hours and head over to this fab place in town that has bowling and baci ball courts! I'm sure bowling sounds more appealing at first, but let me tell you...Baci is! I think we've sort of made up our own rules, but we do girls vs. guys and it works and there is limited skill involved so everyone has fun! The rest of the weekend is reserved for xmas shopping. I'm not kidding when I say I haven't bought one thing, and xmas is in a did that happen???


Al said...

I hope the call back was good news and you're popping the clomid tonight.

Good luck getting everything done for the party, it sounds like a great time.

AplusB said...

Your party sounds like a blast. And I think I know the spot you're talking about withe place!

Anonymous said...

I hope you got the "go ahead"! Your party sounds fun and I love baci. We used to go to a lot of bbq's where we'd drink and cook out and play baci in the yard. I never knew they had it indoors.