Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catching Up - Bulleted Version

Hey peeps!! Like I said I've been SO busy at work which doesn't help my blogging. Know that I'm at least keeping up with yours and even if I'm not commenting, I am reading!! It also doesn't help that we moved floors last week and now my boss, who use to sit on the other side of the floor with absolutely no visual on me (allowing for my 1.5 hour lunch breaks), now sits in the office over my shoulder. Not only does this affect my lunch schedule but also my facebook, blogging, online shopping, etc. Basically its the worst thing EVER!!! But here are some goods things going on:

  • Today I'm 13w2d pregnant, whoohoo!
  • Last night we did the doppler (because I was convinced my yorkie Bella had hurt Skooter when she jumped onto my lap) and we hit the money spot. Skooter's heart was beating away and it was crystal clear, best sound ever!
  • We have fully announced to everyone (except work...when did you tell your boss) that we're pregnant. I'm shocked at how many amazing friends I have that have sent congrats on expecting cards. I'm assuming I avoided this section of the card aisle completely in the past. I want to get better about that in general though, its SO fun to get something unexpected in the mail!
  • This weekend is 4th of July which means long weekend, YAY! Since moving to the burbs hubby and I always host our families for the 4th, since we live right where the parade goes by in my town. Always makes for a fun day! Even my grandpa who is 94 comes up from the southside and watches the parade, he's so cute!
  • I'm starting to feel like I'm showing, but it does weird me out how much my stomach changes throughout the day. In the morning I look a little bloated, but by bedtime I swear I look like a 5 month pregnant person. Is this normal and does that happen to anyone else?
  • Hubby got me the boppy body pillow for my 12 week present, and its AMAZING!
  • And to celebrate the end of the 1st trimester hubby and I are having a date night tomorrow since we're taking Friday off. Dinner at wildfire followed by a movie...can you guess what I'm seeing?? You know it, Eclipse here I come...actually more like Edward here I come! Dam he's so frickin hot, hubby I love you more though!

Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday weekend!! And on Monday I'll be doing my 14 week post with some belly shots. I took my first at 12 weeks, so we'll see if there's any change from pic to pic!!! I'm betting chowing down all day on the 4th should help my belly cause!


sienna said...

i love that your hubby is willing to watch eclipse with you! i got laughed out of the room when i suggested that dh watch the first movie with me. went to see new moon with a bunch of girlfriends, and the couple behind us made me pee in my pants. the guy was like "i thought you said this was a horror movie. it's about vampires and werewolves, right?".

glad you're doing well and yaay to 2nd trimester!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sucky about the new work seating arrangement, but glad all is well. AWESOME on your AWESOME friends, so fun to get real snail mail and even better when it's a congrats because you're PREGNANT!

Crossed Fingers said...

That's awesome that your friends are so excited for you. I'm sure they know the long road you've traveled to get here and are celebrating with you. Your post made me all warm & fuzzy inside. :D

I won't tell my boss and "outside the circle people" until we're into our 2nd tri.

Anonymous said...

YES to the bloating and looking more pregnant that you are! I bought maternity pants well before 12 weeks because of the bloating. I was still able to hide it from co-workers, but you could definitely tell something was going on if you looked.

And for telling my boss, I unfortunately had to tell him when I was 8 or 9 weeks. It was before my parents, brothers, and sisters even knew! I was supposed to go on a trip to a gas production plant, and there is no way I could have worked those conditions for those hours. My other co-workers are JUST finding out, and I'm 18 weeks tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that sucks about work! I had an arrangement like that at my last job and I hated it. It definitely put a damper on my non-work related activities. Boo!

It sounds like everything else is going really well, though. I am so happy for you! Enjoy date night with your hubby and Eclipse. I'm going to see it on Saturday and I can't wait.

AL said...

Holy crap, your pregnancy is FLYING by it seems. At least for me :-) Congrats on the second trimester!

Enjoy the long weekend, sounds like you have lots of great things planned.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! It's like you are now in a fish bowl where your boss is concerned. Bummer! Congrats on passing the 12 wk milestone. I know that must feel great! Enjoy date night and the movie. I've heard it's better than the first two (not that I've seen either). Hoping you have a happy and safe 4th!

babytears said...

I am going to tell my boss next week at 7 weeks but she is a fellow IFer and has been so super supportive and there for me so that's a bit different! I think since you've passed the 12week mark, it'd be a good time to tell when you're ready. Hubby and I are seeing Eclipse on Saturday for our anniversary- can't wait! Enjoy your long weekend!

Samantha said...

E refuses to take me to see Eclipse until next week but I swear he likes the movies too. I gave him updates while reading the books so I think he got a little addicted too!

As for the bloating- I do the same! I still don't look pregnant because I'm heavy but I get bigger throughout the day!

Holly said...

wow glad to hear things are going so well! I have been thinking of sending a congrats card to a friend that just announced a pregnancy and now you've convinced me to do it :)

Kim said...

I would just die if my manager sat near me (mine is another state- thankfully!) Glad to hear how nicely your progressing. Can't wait to see the belly pics!!!!xoxoxoxo

Trinity said...

I have the same deal with my belly, BG! In the morning, I just look mostly normal, but by dinner time? Hello, belly! I'm bustin' out all over. I'm glad you mentioned that because it's the same experience here. I have no clue what that is about, but I'm glad I'm not alone! :)

Also, I told my boss a little after 13 weeks, mostly because there have been some major staff changes and there are lots more to come, and I wanted to make sure that my boss made arrangements in the fall to help cross-train someone to my position. It was easy to share the news with her because, as you might remember, she was the one who mistakenly sent out the email to our entire department about IVF and FMLA coverage. Sigh.

Anyway, happy holiday weekend to you!

AplusB said...

yay! so happy to read this update! you sound very busy these days, but I'm glad everything is going well and how awesome your family/friends have reacted to your announcement.

Chelle said...

D'oh about being moved near the boss. The same thing happened to me recently, only I got moved to a cube right outside the VPs office. Big D'oh! It hurt my blogging too.

13 weeks already?! It seems like everyone's pregnancies are just flying by. Just think, you might feel fetal movement soon. I felt it around 14 weeks. I was usually on my back in bed when I felt it.

Have an awesome 4th!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely bigger in the evening than I am in the morning. Its so weird! :) I've been thinking of getting a boppy or a snoogle pillow. Good to know you like yours! Have a fun weekend!

Littlest True Blue said...

I totally feel you on the evening tummy! My gut is huge at night but barely showing in the morning! So weird! I think our stomach muscles must just get tired of holding it in throughout the day! ah well!
Yeah for 2nd trimester! Hope date night was great and I hope your stinkin' boss stops with the annoying throat clearing! ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Yay second trimester - that's great news! Even without the pg thing, I have a flat stomach in the morning and a gut at night. :)

Hope you had a great date night!