Friday, September 17, 2010

Houses & Hiccups

So not too much going on here, SO happy its Friday!! I hit 24 weeks on Monday, my most favorite lucky bday number...not to mention viability so this was a big one for me!! Also, this week marks another new milestone for baby Skooter...hiccups!!! He has gotten them twice this week and its the cutest thing EVER! At first I totally freaked, I felt this very subtle beating in my after you workout and can feel your pulse in weird parts of your body. And I adjusted my position thinking something was wrong, and when it didn't change I realized it had to be hiccups...too cute!!!

In house related news we have fully moved in with the p's. Quite an adjustment, but the perks really do outweigh the cons! We met with our final contractor yesterday, so now we can finally pick someone and start moving forward on the demo process. I'm so excited to finally get this process started, and be done with meetings and permits and all the crap you need to do beforehand. Between baby stuff and house planning, I must say it makes my days go by fast!! There is always something to be researching, love it!

And I finally got on the "I'm having a baby and maybe I should start planning for it" train! I've been super productive, shower dates are confirmed, booked my maternity photo shoot (day before my 30th bday in October, SO excited), booked my baby class/tour at the hospital, starting registering (only online...still need to get my butt to these baby stores), and booked all my dr. appts through November!
Unfortunately, the one thing I can't really plan for is the nursery. Since we're living with the p's we'll be having a makeshift nursery for those few months of overlap, which will probably just consist of a bassinet in our room. And I'd rather just wait to get bedding/furniture/etc until we're in the new we'll know the sex so it will make decorating a bit easier! But its impossible not to look...and I found this pic which right now is my dream nursery, which is funny because its pretty gender neutral so I guess not finding out the sex works for me!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on hitting 24 weeks!

The one thing about nursery furniture is, depending on where you get it, it can take from 6 to 16 weeks to arrive... so you should plan to order it well before you actually think you'll be in your new house.

Andrea said...

Happy 24 Weeks! What a milestone!

Yes, jump on that baby train and don't look back :)

And, so happy that your house is going to be under demo very soon. How exciting! As you said, you've got a little bit going on :) Enjoy the process of home building.

As for the nursery, you will have that dream just go get it!

Hugs and Love

Marianne said...

That is a beautiful nursery! Simple clean lines...looks like a great photo to get ideas from!

Leslie said...

Congratulations on 24 weeks!!! I thought the same when my little guy started hiccuping! I agree with making sure you order furniture plenty in advance. We ordered ours in the middle of July and it is still not here yet. We were told 6-8 weeks and it is more like 8-10 weeks. I do like the nursery/crib that you are looking at -- very nice!!!

Crossed Fingers said...

Congrats on 24 weeks!! That is so excited that the demo is going to start soon - I would LOVE to be doing that right now! haha.

We are getting pictures along the way right? I'm too curious to go without pictures!

Love the nursery - so soothing and calm.

Samantha said...

Yay for 20 weeks!

I love the nursery too and am proud of you for setting all the dates up!!!

Anonymous said...

YIP to viability! That is huuuuge.

I have been reading a lot about maternity pics in preggo blogs lately. That is not something I know much about or ever thought of doing. You will have to keep us updated on everything about the shoot, etc. Will you display them somewhere? Very sweet idea!

Awesome on the house progress. How's all of the QT with the 'rents going? You'll have (literally!) built-in help when the baby comes. So perfect! And then you'll have time to put together the best nursery ever in your neeeeew house. Yip all around!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Yay for 24 weeks! You are moving right along. And I love your taste. That nursery is beautiful.

Oh, and we lived with my mom for 10 months before we purchased our house. It was an interesting time. I will say that she came in handy when it came time to do my trigger shots before my IUIs. Even if Joey wasn't home, my mom was there to do it!

T said...

I love the nursery! Where is that crib from? Very cute!

Patricia said...

I have been absent for a few months now.....having difficulty visiting my blog.....but I decided to return and I'm now playing a little catch up.

24 weeks! WOW! Time passes quickly....though I'm sure it hasn't felt that way for you. How exciting all the projects and decorating ideas. I'm so thrilled for you and can't wait to see more. I love the nursery design it's perfect!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 24 weeks! That is so exciting! It sounds like all the planning and house stuff is going great.

AplusB said...

Thanks for the update and a HUGE congrats on viability! What a big milestone! Hope the house stuff goes well - sounds very exciting! Love the'll have to take lots of pics of what you end up getting.
Hiccups sound absolutely adorable :)

Maureen said...

Yay for 24 weeks! It must feel great to reach v-week! I absolutely love the pictures of that nursery. Any more info on that bed and bedding?? SO cute!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on 24 weeks! You look fantastic! I love the nursery too. That crib is beautiful and the bedding looks adorable. Where is it from?