Tuesday, September 7, 2010

23 Weeks!

How Far Along: 23 weeks (pic to come)

Maternity Clothes: Old navy was having a sale this weekend so I placed a huge order Thursday morning and got it the very next day, YAY! I've has bought maybe 3 things before this so I was super excited. The one thing I'm in desperate need of is maternity jeans...the belly band just ain't cutting it anymore!!

Stretch Marks: Nope, and I'm lathering cocoa butter on nightly!!

Sleep: I am actually able to stay up a little later now...I've been making it to 11 these days instead of 10! Still tossing and turning as I constantly wake up on my back.

Best Moment of the Week: Well, I guess it was last week but getting the amnio ordeal over with. I've felt like a brand new person ever since!

Movement: Tons!! I have a very bouncy baby in my tummy! Sometimes I'm like relax Skooter you're going to hurt yourself, hah! I get kicks/punches throughout the day, mostly after meals and the majority at night when I'm relaxing on the couch or when we lay in bed. Hubby and I love watching my stomach pop with each kick. It's like a game of whack-a-mole waiting to see where he'll pop up next!

Food cravings: Well, I think this is more just a matter its fall out and I always crave this stuff around now. But I bought the biggest thing of apple cider, its so good when you heat it up! And my new obsession is pumpkin spice steamers (just milk). I did allow myself one decaf pumpkin spice latte the first day it was available...but I still felt guilty cause it tasted like regular coffee, YUM!

Gender: Totally undecided. At the amnio the heartbeat was 140, which I think is the cutoff for the whole high heartbeat girl and low heartbeat boy. I guess my gut still says girl, which is funny since we refer to Skooter as a he. I was joking with hubby last night how if it is a girl, she may have an identity crisis when she comes out, hah!

What I Miss: After the last couple weeks, absolutely nothing!! Just so glad that whole mess is behind us.

What I'm Looking Forward To: 24 week appointment this Monday, praying to finally have a dr. appt with no bad news. And I think we'll get an ultrasound to check on the previa (which at my last appt my dr. said she was sure would move out of the way by delivery), and hubby and I have our fingers crossed I can finally get off of pelvic rest (aka no sex). I mean don't get me wrong I will obviously forgo without a second thought to keep Skooter safe, but a girls got needs ya know!!

Weekly Wisdom: The second trimester totally flies by. I thought I would never be out of the first trimester and now I'm only a few weeks away from the third...how did that happen?!?

Milestones: Viability next week!!!

Emotions: I think once I hit the 48 hour post amnio mark, and felt confident Skooter was going to be okay...it finally hit me that I was pregnant and there was a real live healthy baby coming in a few short months!! This weekend I bought maternity clothes, I started my registries (online but we plan to hit up the stores soon), I emailed a maternity photographer, and I even bought some baby stuff while I was at Tar.get!!! Just a couple sets of pacifiers, a package of newborn onesies...just cause they were so little and cute, and some J&J baby wash, cause it smells so good! It was so fun and now I'm like what else can I buy for Skooter, a think a stroller will be my first big purchase, YAY!!!


Samantha said...

Yay for 23 weeks! Can you believe we're one week away from viability, 14 from term and 17 from our due dates?!?!!?

Your heartbeat comment made me laugh. I mentioned it to my husband after we heard the heartbeat for the first time (it was 153) and the doctor said "perfect girl heartbeat" and my husband thought to 140 rule was TEXTBOOK! Haha, he was so confused when they said a boy because he thought that the heartbeat meant for sure it was a girl!

Maureen said...

Here's to a happy, uneventful final months! Yay for almost being to 3rd tri and V Day! What a relief that will be. It must feel good to start shopping for that little skooter:) I'm so excited for you.

Crossed Fingers said...

That is all awesome news - I cannot wait to feel movement, it'll help ease my mind I think.

I'm the same way with the gender - when we first got pregnant I was 100% sure it was a girl but everyone keeps telling me they think it's a boy! I'm so confused now! :)

The (Type A) Nightmare said...

How did I miss that you're only a week ahead of me? I didn't realize we were so close. (I probably DID and have forgotten because my brain is not what it once was).

Regardless, if I didn't know the gender, I would seriously be a wreck. I would have to wait until he/she was born to do everything. Haha.

But my husband and his first wife didn't find out until their daughter was born. I suppose I respect it, but couldn't do it. Haha.

So glad things are rocking along smoothly and hope your upcoming appointment is fabulous!!!

The (Type A) Nightmare said...
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AL said...

Wow, 23 weeks!! So far along, almost to third trimester, that's so amazing!

Have fun registering and prepping for baby :-) That has to be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Soooooo happy to hear you are feeling more peaceful and Zen since all of the amnio madness. Good stuff!!! One week from viability, ahhhhhhh! Love it love it love it. How's it going staying with your 'rents? Thinking of you! xo

Anonymous said...

Yay for 23 weeks and getting things ready for the baby!

Our Little Man's heartbeat has always been high (150-160) and it still is. I've heard that is suppose to mean a girl, but clearly that was wrong in our case. :) I go back and forth with what I think Skooter is! :)

Marianne said...

Sounds like this week is agreeing with you :)

Stefanie Blakely said...

Ohh Old Navy maternity jeans are the best... one of my favorite parts of this pregnancy!

Andrea said...

SO incredilby happy the amnio is behind you and that you have a healthy, growing baby. Now go and get those cute designer maternity jeans! My orders :)

More than anything, thank you for the words of encouragement. I have to admit, I am a total nervous wreck and the more I read the more paranoid I get. But, as always, my bloggie friends soothe my anxiety. Thank you for sharing your early prego non-symptoms with me :)

Much Love and Many HUGS

Oh, and thank you for the Pumpkin Spice steamer idea...yummm!!!

Leslie said...

Congratulations on 23 weeks! I am so glad you had a fantastic week after what you went through. Hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out!!!!!

Erin said...

I can't believe you are already 23 weeks!! So exciting. :)

I bought most of my maternity clothes from Old Navy, and I really loved them. Plus, they are almost always on sale!

R.J. said...

Sounds like you're in a really good place right now - I'm glad! You are much more resilient than I could be for holding out on finding out the sex!

Anonymous said...

Yay for almost being at viability! I'm so happy that things are going well after your rough couple of weeks. So, so happy. I am also very impressed with your Team Green resilience!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pregnancy and 23 + weeks! Woohoo! I have IVF babies myself & always started shopping around that time as well. ;)

La La said...

Congrats on your pregnancy and 23 + weeks! Woohoo! I have IVF babies myself & always started shopping around that time as well. ;)

AplusB said...

I'm so glad you have the amnio behind you and can start really getting excited about Skooter's arrival!
I bought a tons of stuff at Old Navy...I really like it so far...but we'll see how it holds up in the wash :) When will Basic Boutique start carrying maternity???

Littlest True Blue said...

Hey! Hope your Glucose thing yesterday was ok! gross stuff eh! and I think i'm totally getting the green uppa too! I'm sort of debating between that and the "limited edition" yellow one...but that might be a bit too flashy. I said hubs can make the final decision between the two (since I am pretty much picking EVERYTHING else...he needs to feel a bit included!!)

Crossed Fingers said...

That is so exciting! I smiled the whole way through your post! haha. Love all the good news.

I keep referring to our baby as "she" and felt the same way about if it's a boy - they're going to have a complex! haha.

I grabbed a few things from Old Navy's maternity sale as well - I bought a velour lounge outfit - LOVING IT!