Tuesday, September 28, 2010

26 Weeks!!!

How Far Along: 26 weeks (I've been so bad about pics, but wanted to post one so PLEASE excuse my work red bathroom stalls in background).

Maternity Clothes: I finally got maternity jeans yesterday, SOO needed! I'd been wearing these denim leggings to work for the last couple weeks, and while they're super cute I only have so many longer shirts that cover my ass. So now I can finally wear some of my normal length maternity shirts I've bought.

Stretch Marks: Nope, but my poor belly button isn't looking too hot! Its definitely going to pop soon!

Sleep: Tossing and turning. I must wake up on my back 5 times a night, and I start on my side, lodged in with my boppy pillow...but clearly this is not the way my body wants to sleep. But since I'm making a conscious effort to not sleep on my back, I keep waking myself up throughout the night.

Best Moment of the Week: I'd have to go with registering and buying some baby stuff!!

Movement: Still lots and lots of movement...people weren't kidding when they said you'll totally relax once you can feel the baby move. Every morning its the best feeling waking up to little Skooter bopping around. And bedtime is his favorite time to party, I swear it feels like he's doing an aerobics video in there!

Food cravings: Still loving my apple cider, but its really just a fall craving and not a pregnancy craving. OH, and at star.bucks you can get a caramel apple spice...YUM is all I have to say.

Gender: I have NO idea!! I'm starting to get really curious. Especially as we register and look at nursery stuff. I must say it really is hard to plan when you're doing gender neutral...I mean is it me or have stores sort have forgone the whole yellow/green thing. Everywhere I go its pink/blue and then maybe one beige or grey outfit with a lion or monkey on it. I know it will be SO worth it in the end, but I can definitely see the perks of finding out!

What I Miss: Absolutely nothing!

What I'm Looking Forward To: 3rd trimester...next Monday! OMG, I can't even believe it!!!

Weekly Wisdom: For once its been a pretty uneventful couple of weeks so i'm lacking on wisdom. OH, I will say that baby bargains book is a life saver when it comes to registering!

Milestones: So long 2nd trimester, for being the "easy" trimester you sure gave us a run for our money...previa, 20 week u/s scare, amnio! I'm not going to miss you at all, bring it 3T!

Emotions: I actually went to the stores this weekend and did some registering. My bestie asked me if its starting to feel more real, and I'm still undecided. It's like I know I'm pregnant, I can feel the baby moving, I'm now buying baby stuff (my mom got our pack n play and swing while we were shopping, and hubby and I got the cutest little onesie for fun, it has two little pups on it that look JUST like Beau and Bella), but is it weird I'm still a little in denial a baby is coming in almost 3 months?!? Part of me thinks it won't really hit me until this little baby is finally out of me and in my arms!


Anonymous said...

You are looking so good! And almost the third tri, wow :)

AplusB said...

Look at that bump! Wow! Big difference from last time :)
You're almost to the homestretch!

Jin said...

Online shopping and consignment stores - those are the places you'll have a better time finding gender neutral stuff. We haven't really had problems finding anything neutral going that route.

And it helps if you include other colors besides yellow and green, since those can be gender neutral as well (minus most pastel shades).

Looking good!

And once I started having braxton hicks and hit the 7 weeks to go mark, it started becoming real :)

Browniris said...

Your bump is so cute! And I LOVE the caramel apple spice from Starbucks...it is seriously the best!

Crossed Fingers said...

First of all you look amazing!!! Your bump is too cute and I love that top - where did you get it from?

I keep waking up on my back too and I think sleeping on my side is causing back pains, I need to figure out how to fix this!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable - even in a public restroom, you look like a pregnant model! How in the hell do you pull that off?

R.J. said...

Looking good! Congrats on almost reaching the 3rd trimester. Can you believe it!!

sienna said...

holy crap, you're belly is really growing!! and you look totally fab by the way. i know i'm gonna be one of those fat and bloated pregnant ppl. but i guess beggers can't be choosers :o)

glad that everything is going well and congrats on the 3rd trimester!! xoxoxoxo!!

Rach said...

Looking good! Can't believe the 3rd trimester is right around the corner. Yay!!

Andrea said...

Hip, Hip, Horray, the 3rd tri is on its way!!! Okay, corny, but I couldn't resist :)

Kudo's to getting some jeans and I bet your back side is not that big...cause your bump is tiny :)

Lots of love and hugs as you journey on to success!

Jane said...

I love that your pic was taken in a public bathroom! And congrats on 26 weeks!

AL said...

wow you look adorable! congrats on 26 weeks!

Samantha said...

You look absolutely fantastic! Love the belly pic!!!

Chelle said...

I love the belly pic, even if it is in a public loo. lol!

I can't believe you went this long without maternity pants! I was in those suckers at 10 weeks and never looked back. Maternity pants are THE BEST. They are so comfy.

Here's to an uneventful 3T!

Anonymous said...

You look great!! 3rd tri already?!? Holy smokes! :)

Anonymous said...


Yip yip yip for the 3T, it's going to be the best one yet!!! xoxo

PS We havet that Baby Bargains book too and are OBSESSED!

T said...

Aaawwww, your belly is so cute! I cannot believe you are already at the 3T mark. That is awesome!!!

Maureen said...

First of all, you look adorable! I love your sweater- good maternity find!! Second, I am so excited for you to be so close to 3rd tri and to have that comfort of lil Scooter having a dance party in your belly:) What a great feeling that mst be!! Scooter will be here before you know it.