Monday, June 25, 2012

A Long Overdue Post & Baby #2

So I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time, and apologize for my year long silence!!  How is that even possible?!  These days I'm hardly ever on the computer, but I do continue to read everyone's updates on my phone so please know I haven't totally disappeared. 

So what's going on in our life...well the big news I've been meaning to share is hubs and I are preggo with baby #2, aka Chili (as in the pepper and not the penguin).  And even more exciting I'm due in 5 weeks...when Aubrey will be a little over 18 months so we are proudly joining the 2 under 2 club.  We honestly couldn't be more excited or feel more blessed to have conceived #2 so easily after having an IVF baby.  We had already been back to our fertility center to meet with our RE, who said we'd have to wait til Aubrey was a year in January (so my body would have a full year to recover), to give our 2 frozen embryos a shot.  I think that was in September/October, so I planned to make my blood work appts for December and with the couple months we had would take my RE's advice to give it a try on our own. I figured as nice as it would be to be "those people" who go through IVF only to get preggo on their own the next time...that simply would not be our story and just stay hopeful IVF would be our ticket to baby #2 as well.

So come end of November I was feeling a bit off.  It was the Sunday before and like I said I was pretty much set on the fact that a frozen IVF cycle was in our future so I wasn't going crazy with tracking/counting dpo's.  Plus the 2 or 3 periods I got post nursing were super long and weird, so it was hard to get a positive opk in the first place.  I had caught it that cycle so I knew we had a chance, and it occured to me I was 14dpo.  Sadly enough that morning we had heard the news my 95 year old grandfather had passed away.  He had a wonderfully long life, and was only in a nursing home his last year...lived on his own until he was 94 years old.  He passed quickly, and luckily enough we had recently gone to lunch with him and snapped the sweetest picture of Aubrey with her great-grandfather.  I knew we'd be seeing family over the next couple days with funeral arrangements, plus with Thanksgiving looming I knew there would be lots of drinking and I just wanted to get the idea of pregnancy out of my mind. 

So that night after dinner, I secretly went upstairs after dinner without telling hubs and took a test.  I said a quick prayer for my grandpa, and said this one's for you.  I only had a digital and hubs was calling me to come down for something, and I'm waiting waiting for the NO to appear.  I'm walking downstairs as the little clock is still flashing, about to admit to the hubs what I sucker I still am, thinking it would actually work this time...and all of the sudden....YES.  Cue instant shock, pure joy, and panic all at the same time.  I truly believe I have my grandfather to thank for this miracle.

Fast forward 35 weeks and here we are today.  Aubrey is about to be a big sister and I truly can't believe it.  People keep asking if I'm nervous for another one, but to be honest my real fear with how this baby with affect her.  Right now we're having so much fun just the two of us, Aubrey seriously gets cuter and cuter by the day as more of her personality creeps out daily.  She walked on the later side (15 months), so she's still pretty amazed with just being able to walk everywhere/anywhere.  She's a way more verbal baby (my pedatrician said they're either a walker or talker), and we definitely have a talker on our hangs.  She's obsessed with her shooos (shoes), her favorites are her $5 tar.get flip-flops which are not the most stable, but hey the girl likes what she likes.  She finally has some hair growing, so the boy comments are starting to trickle out, finally...ha!  She was literally a perfect baby, and now is the most adorable toddler.  She is definitely setting the bar high for little Chili, and I'm just gonna soak up every minute of this last bit of time we have together just us two. 

I could go on and on but this mama needs to get some laundry done while Aubrey is still napping!  Here are some recent pics, I seriously cannot believe how much she has changed in a year.  Blows my mind.  Hope everyone is well and I definitely promise to post once Chili arrives to announce if Aubrey has a little sis or money is on boy but hubs is dead set its a girl so stay tuned!

Aubrey's 1st Birthday - Elmo Themed (her fave)

Family trip to Florida in March (Aubrey 14 months & almost 20 weeks)

Loves finger walking!

And the pool!

Checking out the beach.

Father's Day 2012 - Aubrey 17 months

Aubrey & Mama (33 weeks preggo)

This face kills me, love her more than anything!


Deanna said...

I'd been wondering where you went! Congratulations on growing your family!

Secret Sloper said...

She's adorable! And you are a total sneak! Congrats on Chili and do update with the boy/girl status. Wow, how much has changed in a little over two years, right?

AL said...

WHOA! Congrats on #2! amazing.

Holli said...

Congrats on the first year and the second one on the way! Oh, and welcome to the 2 under 2 club. It's a whirlwind, but it's wonderful at the same time! Best wishes for a safe and happy delivery soon!

~Holli @

N said...


AplusB said...

So good to hear from you!! Yay for baby #2 and no IVF! Aubrey is so darling and you look great! xxoo

Rebecca said...

Congratulations!!! What absolutely awesome news. :) I love these "and then suddenly I was pregnant" stories!!

Aubrey is adorable!!

So glad to hear an update -- it's been so long!

Lisa said...

Hey there, just wondering how you and your little family are doing!? Throw us a bone and let us know what you ended up having and how life with 2 under 18 months has been!