Monday, May 30, 2011

Too Busy to Blog...But Loving Every Second!

Hi all!!! So I got my 2nd where have you been comment, so I thought I would drop a line and let you all know I'm still here, but just taking a hiatus from blogging at the moment. Life has been just so busy, and I knew to keep up with the big stuff, i.e. new baby, new house, cooking, cleaning, etc....something had to give. So my poor blog got the boot...BUT, please know I read as often as I can from my phone while I'm nursing and I'm following and thinking about all of you!!

So to fill you in, Aubrey is almost 5 months old. I can't even believe I'm typing that...seriously where does time go?!? So I'm going to whip through and give you the highlights:

- Took our first family vacay in Feb to Florida. It was so nice to get away from awful Chicago winter and just veg out with hubby and baby girl. She freaked out right before the flight, and I swear the whole terminal was staring at us praying we weren't on their flight. But the minute we got on the plane she was OUT. And also an awesome excuse to blow money on a teeny tiny bathing suit that she would only wear one time...worth every penny for this pic!

- At about a month baby girl was sleeping through the night!! I was seriously blessed with the best sleeper ever. Now, we were letting her sleep downstairs with/on us until we went to bed around she was getting that late feed, but would then sleep til 7. During my maternity leave I would usually pull her into bed with me after that first feed, and snuggle until the next feed. Sometimes I felt super lazy sleeping the day away...but those mornings were just the best.

- Some random tidbits about baby girl. Nicknames: baby girl, obviously (she loves when I sing that song to her, my baby girl, my baby girl...but then I don't know the words and just make them up. She also loves wheels on the bus! Other nicknames: sleepy amigo, smurf, munchkin butt, super baby. Baby girl's most favorite friend...monkey!! Her paci/wubb.a.nub. Best investment ever...we've even bought other animals but monkey remains the fave. Around 1 month when she started smiling...the key to get her to do it, was "what does monkey say" and then proceed to make monkey sounds. To this day if I say that she will totally bust out a huge smile, she LOVES monkey and he's in almost every picture we take of her!

- Was due to go back to work 4/4...i was dreading that day from the moment I had her. I had even worked out 2 days a week from home when I returned to work...but the week before I had a HUGE meltdown, crunched some major numbers with hubs, and decided I could stay home with baby girl!!! I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to stay home with her, but also have the new task of figuring every possible way to save moola.

- Two weeks ago we moved into our new home!! As nice as it was to be living rent free with the p's...after 9 months of it, we needed our own space. First task was baby girl's nursery, which I don't have a pic of yet. But it's gorgeous and totally my favorite room in the whole house! Well, maybe tied with my kitchen...which I do have a pic of. This is how hubby surprised me for mother's day. I told him that all I wanted was to have our own celebration, which is difficult when you're living with your parents. So he surprised me and brought me to the new house and had breakfast/mimosa's/balloons...just me, him, and Aubrey....LOVE him. And I LOVE our new house.

- I think I got all the big stuff which brings me to current. Right now my big thing if deciding when to quit nursing. I was thinking around 5 months, and I think I have enough frozen to get her to 6 which was always my goal. But at she approaches her 5 month bday the thought of stopping makes me kinda sad. And this is coming from someone who prior to getting pregnant though b-feeding would be weird and never thought I'd even do it in the first place. It's just been such a special bond, and as fun as it is to give her a bottle and see her little face chug away...I will miss that connection that only her and I could share.

- Finally, as nice as it is not to have a period...I think I'm ready to get my cycle back. I would be totally lying if I said I wasn't already thinking about getting preggo again. I miss it so much, and I've always said I want 4 (like I said I was blessed with an easy baby, so at least after Aubrey this statement is still true). Whether or not that's possible physically/financially...we'll see. I'm pretty sure as soon as my cycle starts up we'll start trying....maybe not call the fertility clinic to de-thaw the frozen embryos (we have 2) yet. But maybe take a couple months to just see what happens.

Aubrey has changed my world in the best way possible...and every day I love her more than the day before. Every minute I'm with her I feel like I've literally won the lotto, and when I see how over the moon hubby is with her...there just are no words. He says he wants all girls now, which I think is just so cute. So sorry for the rambling catch up, and hope you enjoy the pics!!!


Secret Sloper said...

So good to hear from you and see pics of lovely Aubrey. And your house looks awesome! I am drooling over that kitchen. I never thought I would want to leave the city but lately I've been dreaming about big houses :)

So glad life is treating you all so well and that you can stay home with your little girl!

sienna said...

omg, aubrey has gotten sooo big! she's soooo damn cute! glad that everything is going well and that you get to stay home with baby girl. you guys sound like you have been BUSY BUSY!! ps - love your new kitchen. i am drooling.

My Vegas said...

Awwww...thanks for the update. I've been thinking of you and it is so wonderful to hear such a lovely summary.

Kim said...

What a wonderful update, I have missed you, but glad all is going well. Your little girl is beautiful and so is that new kitchen! I love it! So glad all is going well, I suspect there will be #2 in the not so far off future. :)

Rebecca said...

Such a great update!! She's gorgeous and your new house sounds great! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad to hear from you, and so glad that things are going well. Aubrey is adorable, and I'm soooo jealous that you're able to stay home. Glad to hear all the good news!

ASP said...

Yay! Thanks for the update! Aubrey is adorable and I'm so happy things are going well for you! I missed reading your updates! ;) Your kitchen is super nice and I love how hubby surprised you on Mother's Day! Extra sweet! Have fun with your little one!

manymanymoons said...

I've been wondering about you and how you were doing. So glad to hear everything is going well. What a cutie she is.

AplusB said...

Thanks for the update!! I miss you! So glad you and Aubrey are doing so well. She is absolutely scrumptious!

Your hubs gets MAJOR points for giving you such a nice Mothers Day!


Chelle said...

I don't know what it is, but I swear time goes a million times faster once you have a little one in your life.

Awesome that you are able to swing staying at home! Hopefully your husband will get a raise and make it all that much easier.

Aubrey is so adorable. She really is a beautiful little girl.

Keep soaking it up. The amazement of being a mama will never go away. It's an awesome blessing.

Browniris said...

I've been wondering how you have been doing...glad to hear that things are going well! Aubrey looks darling!

Krissi said...

Your daughter is so adorably precious! I wanted to thank you for having my link because you are one of my top reffering sites! I would love to feature your success story on my blog! Go to this page for the details when you have a moment!

T said...

So glad to hear from you! Aubrey is absolutely gorgeous! I am thrilled to hear how happy of a baby she is. She must know how hard her parents worked to get her here! stay in touch when you can! Enjoy every single second with that beautiful thing!!

Wifey said...

Congrats on the new home, I hope you guys are enjoying every bit of it. Love all the pictures!